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In the days when everyone has a formula for success or a quick step to getting rich, people get easily disappointed when they try one or two things and, maybe for a month or two, they are not getting results. They start feeling like they have failed and they need a solution or they need desperate help. Some people have made success look so cheap that you feel you can almost pick it on the street.
Without the intention of being a pessimist, let me remind you that success is not automated but failure is automated. Why would I say that? That is life for you. If you intend to fail, you do not need to do anything. It is the most effortless thing to do. Just wake up every day and go back to sleep without doing anything. Run away from anything that is hard. Don’t do anything that makes you think. Just leave all those things that can make you exert energy and you will instantly start seeing the results of your seeds of failure.
What about success? Wow! It is a lot of work. It’s not going to be a one-time event. You can’t just do something today and think that it will suffice for tomorrow. You have to keep doing it until you become successful. You will also encounter discouragements on the way. There are times you might even feel inadequate for the tasks ahead of you. Once in a while it will look like others around you are getting results and you are the one who is not getting the needed results.
This is a journey in which you cannot afford to be deceived by the progress of other people. You may not notice that they’ve had their own breakdowns before you saw them speeding off. Even if they have not had their breakdowns, it may just be right in front of them. Don’t think that because you have your own breakdown now then you have failed.
Nobody who intends to succeed ever arrives when they are alive! They keep working until their last breath. That is so because when you eventually succeed, you have to sustain the success. Don’t be deceived by all those who seem to making success look so cheap. It is not that you cannot succeed in some easy ways at some points. You can. But overall success takes time. I think that in some ways, God encourages us will little victories here and there so that we don’t just give up easily.
Many of the successful men and women that we admire today have been through a whole lot. A few of them have been kind enough to tell us their stories in films or books.  I remember the story of Chris Gardner in ‘The Pursuit of happiness’ – a book and a movie. I like to read biographies or autobiographies like that which show how people attained the success that we admire today.
Many people talk about the success of Dr. David Oyedepo both as an educationist and a pastor. They sometimes don’t realize what he’s been through and how long he also waited for some of God’s promises to him. Popular among the things he’s now celebrated for is the fact that he pastors a 50,000 capacity auditorium which now runs four services. That sounds sweet to many ears but he waited for seventeen years after God gave him that promise before it became a reality.
Don’t be deceived, you will go through some tough times. You will get to God’s waiting room. sometimes it will look like you are all alone and nothing is working. At the end of it all, if you persist, your struggles and the waiting will be worth it.
Many are changing locations because they want easy success. Others are trying hard to change themselves. A few just keep working at what they know how to do best. You need to note that what is already in you can help you succeed. It might be nice sometimes to change location so that your ability thrives but it is first of all about what you carry and not where you carry yourself to.
Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay committed. I believe you will succeed so long as you’re paying the price and not getting off the track.

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