Try to bring others down to their level – Habits of unsuccessful people 3 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

One thing that successful people do excellently well is to try as much as possible to help as many people as possible to get to where they want to be in life.
They will go the extra mile to ensure that people around them are comfortable and are making a head way in life. Whateevr it takes to support anyone who needs support, they usually give it if they have it or try to help those in need reach those who can help them.
Unfortunately, it is not the same with many others. What they think about is about to bring other people down and that is what they end up doing. Interestingly, it is not all of them who are doing this deliberately.
Sometimes by default, you may have noticed that you are involved in running other people down. It is possible you have started it before realizing that is what you are doing. When you are not the type of person who wants to bring other people down, you correct yourself and move on.
Whatever it is that you do, it is very important to note that bringing other people down is one habit of unsuccessful people and for whatever reason put forward, you must never be a part of it.
When you see those who have gone ahead of you or those hwo seem to be more prosperous, you should never try to run them down and make them look like bad people. There are times when people try to bring others down out of envy. So ask yourself, why are you trying to run somoene else down? You may not easily admit that you are envious of that person but when you check yourself, you may find out that the root cause of the talk down is deep seated envy on the inside of you.
Another thing I have observed is the fact that when people see someone who was on the same pedestal with them before and has now moved up to an unimaginable level, they find it hard to deal with.
An example can the someone who was in the same class with you just a few years ago. But you not realize that this person has gone on to become very prosperous in his endeavours. Some will have the courage to ask this class mate what has been done differently in order to attain the present height of huge success. They will ask to see if there is anything they are not doing right that they need to start doing.
That is what successful people do. They humble themselves, go closer to those who are succeeding and they learn. It is not so with unsuccessful people. What they can only think about it how to bring the person down. They imagine that if they were in the same class together some years ago, and the person’s success has become so fast and unimaginable then the person must have stolen or done some other crooked things.
Please note that this is a natural tendency in many people so you always have to be very careful to not get caught up in it. When you see others who have succeeded, even if they have done something wrong that you know about, it is not your duty to run them down.
Leave the ‘running down’ to some other people who don’t have so much to achieve in life. You have a lot to achieve and running people down takes more from you than helping you to get to where you are going in life.
Instead of trying to bring others down to your level, rise to their level and even surpass if you can.

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