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As a management consultant or a professional public speaker, I will most likely tell you to have things figured out before you start them. You are supposed to have a life plan, business plan, business proposal, budget and maybe even a transition plan. All those things are good and they really help your life and business if you can put them to use. However, I am going to admit that it is not everything that you have to figure out before you start.
There are those who do not need to start with all the detailed plans before they kick on with the ideas on their minds. If you ask them to go through all the paper works you have just killed the idea. Once they see all the paper works from start they just may not push as much as they need to push without the paper work in place.
In some cases it has to do with the temperament of the person involved. In some other cases, it just has nothing to do with the temperament. It might also be a new business terrain where trends are totally unpredictable. If you are going into such terrains where will you draw plans from? Where will you draw proposals from? As an expert in such business documents, I can tell you that it is possible to generate a proposal or plan for just about any business idea. Although the person who is reading it might be able to see through and understand that this idea is based on experiences and proven results from the past of this is just an imagination that is based on untested projections and hope.
The issue of the plan is not what I even want to focus on. I need you to understand that sometimes all you need to do is to start first. When you make that first move then all the necessary actions will follow.
For some other people, what works for them is that they start what they need to start while someone else is doing all the necessary paper works that need to be done. They know they do not have to bother themselves about the paper works so they can move fast and it is the headache of another person to make sure all things are documented.
Sometimes, when you try to figure out everything before you start you will never even start. I know about so many people that I have done business proposals for and till date, they have not done anything. They have great documents in their hands and they are just carrying it about. A few others have even dropped the proposals in their cabinets and may never revisit the idea until someone else has done it or it is no longer relevant to the time and society.
While it is good to plan and know where you are going, you must understand that a bold step will be more obvious than all the documents put together. That’s why they say an action is better than a noble intention. I have also said before than no one wants to know about your noble intention when we have not seen your actions.
So why is that people don’t act on their noble intentions? They are trying very hard to have everything figured out before they start. It works for some people and they succeed that way but it does not work for everyone. Stop thinking or trying to figure everything out before you set out. If you do that you may never start anything. When you start you can begin to put structures in place and ensure that what you are doing is something that can go on even after you are no more.
Ask yourself, ‘how long have you been trying to figure things out and how much time do you really need to start?’ So many people have been figuring things out for years and till date they have not even taken the first step that should be taken. Start today and don’t be stuck with just trying to figure things out.

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