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Several years ago, when I was a J.S.S.2 student at Mayflower School and I used to mix up teeth and tooth, my friends would laugh at me. On one occasion, I mixed up the words as usual and they both ‘took cover’ to avoid being hit by my ‘gunshot.’ After the shots were fired and the coast was clear, they both looked at me and said, ‘wa s’ewe’ – meaning you will write books. 

The mockery was embarrassing and demoralizing. Your morale is often caged after such experiences. Today, I have written books as they both prophesied – currently about to publish the 13th one. Their prophecy about me writing books has come to pass.

Though they said only my family members will buy, they got that wrong. Several people within and outside buy. People can mock you because of something you’re not getting right. That you’re making mistakes does not mean you are not cut out for that thing. 

Today, my English has greatly improved. By the way, I won prizes in Literature before leaving the school and brought home some prizes from representing the school at debate competitions. Even if you laugh at my spoken English today, assuming I fire shots again, you’re simply on your own. That’s because at the end of the show, I’ll walk away with a speaking fee or honorarium and you go home with … correct grammar in your head. 

Anyway, I’m open to correction and I often encourage others to do same. That is one of my great secrets as a speaker. Let people laugh at you but don’t let the mockery be in vain. Be sure to return after some time to show that what you were mocked about has become something tangible in your hands. 

Turn mockery into results. That’s how we rise in life. Don’t sit with the mockery and spend too much time processing it. 



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