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When you remember names like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and Arthur Guinness, one of the first things that will come to your mind is the institutions they created. Some of them are dead and some are alive but one great thing they understood was to have turned their passions into institutions.
The hallmark of true success for any great man is not just about creating things for themselves but in creating opportunities and livelihood for others while building their dreams. When we continue to think for ourselves we will only be able to build things that can cater for our immediate needs. Those who changed the world did not work on catering for their immediate needs! They wanted to help people and solve their problems so their priority was on creating institutions that helped others.
As you are working on your young or fresh ideas, start asking questions about how you can impact the lives of others with your passion. It is one phase in life to have a passion and to understand your passion. It is another phase to start working with the passion and meeting the needs of others through your passion. I also think that the greatest level is when you move up to creating institutions from your passion such that it will still be solving problems for people when you are long gone. Some people have built schools as a result of their passion. Others have built multinational businesses as a result of their passion. For some others, they have built systems that work for the government and the whole nation is benefiting from their passion till date. A few other people like to talk but they have created media platforms for others who like to talk to be able to work and make a living.
Your passion will only be working for your selfish motive until it begins to cater for the needs of others and one of the things you need to always remember is that you have that passion because others have a need in that area.
There are people who become celebrities in their life time and they are so celebrated but they are soon forgotten after their death. Why do you think this happens! Its often because they do not have institutions they created while they were alive. Its not enough to be celebrated when you are alive! What will people have to hold unto as something you started or created when you are gone?
For those of you who have not found your passion, discover it! For those of you who already know what your passion is, maximize the passion and make life easier for others by creating institutions out of it!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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