Two things God will do – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have come to the understanding of the fact that whenever God intends to do something on earth he will establish a clear purpose and will also establish a company of people that will work for the accomplishment of his purpose here on earth. He works not in a magical way but in a mysterious way. It is mysterious because whatever God does has a principle and all those principles are established in the collection that we now refer to as the Bible. I make bold to say today that there is one principle that God also uses and that principle is that God has a way of always using both the good and the bad to accomplish the same purpose at every given time.
Without much suspense let’s take a good look at the life of Moses and Pharaoh to understand what the principle means and how we can use it to our advantage. When God was to begin the exodus of Israelites from Egypt what he did was very strategic. He caught the attention of Moses through a burning bush and gave Moses a vision for the leadership of the house of Israel. He “strengthened” the heart of Moses because you never would dare facing the king on just any kind of issue needless to talk about the release of Israelites. But just as he strengthened the heart of Moses he also “hardened” the heart of Pharaoh. He was using the heart that received strength to advance his cause but he was using the heart that was hardened to prove that he is the God that rules in the affairs of men.
When he wanted to start another cause he stirred up the heart of Cirus. These examples only prove to us that when God intends to do certain things he strategises some of the oppositions that the people he will use will face. Before the opposition will come he would have empowered his people to overcome the opposition and he usually plans the opposition for the mockery of those involved in it so that it will be the point of glorification for those who are his sons and daughters.
The two specific things that God will do are simply and straight forward. When he wants to accomplish a task he will strengthen the hearts of some people and put a vision there. At the same time he will harden the hearts of some other people usually for their destruction. The most important thing here is for you to understand that you can either make yourself available for the hardening of heart or for the stirring of heart. God wants to use your heart as the launch pad for some visions but when you refuse consistently to yield then he can decide to harden that same heart against a vision for the destruction of that heart.
Some people unknowingly stand in the way of God’s vision that is to be accomplished by other people. They are ignorant of this fact because they are not spiritually sensitive enough to know about satanic manipulations over them to work against God’s plan. What about the last time you stopped someone from doing what was supposed to be done for no just cause? What about the last time as a lecturer that you did not allow some students to graduate. What about the last time as a boss that you didn’t pay staff salaries when you had the money in your account. There are countless things that point to the fact that satan has used CHRISTIANS against God’s purpose. Open your spiritual eyes!

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