Unconscious Mental Conditioning (UMC) | Fola Daniel Adelesi

The most brilliant and emotionally intelligent people in the world go through a mental conditioning. The good part of mental conditioning is that the process can be deliberate and where it is not, it is still good if it happens in a good environment. Sadly, it is always a nearly destructive experience if it happens in poor environments. In some cases, the victims are irreparably damaged or brought below potential capacity.
From the little daily choices that we make to the biggest decisions we have to make, we subject ourselves to one form of mental conditioning or the other. If a student makes the choice to attend a certain school, that student is submitting for a reprogramming or a programming process. When a family makes the choice to live in a certain country or area, they’re also submitting to programming or reprogramming that forms the basis for the new mental conditioning.
In this conscious or unconscious process, our environment plays a pivotal role. That’s why we have to be careful about the environment where we spend time or the one we choose to live in. I remember using a dysfunctional item in one environment creatively. I had gotten used to using the item in that manner for a while. I went somewhere else and had to use the same item. This item in the new place was functional but because I was used to the dysfunctional one, I used it the way I would have used the dysfunctional item. My wife also noticed it and called my attention to it. Interestingly, I still repeated the use of the functional item the way the dysfunctional one would have been used.
Apart from environment and the things we use, the information we expose ourselves to can abuse or disabuse our minds. What we watch daily on television, see on social media or discuss with other people can make a good or terrible mental conditioning out of us.
As it is in the case of weed growing naturally on most farmlands, mental conditioning is almost always poor where it is an unconscious process. That’s why you need to get yourself into a carefully chosen or well thought out conditioning process for your wellbeing and success in life.
There’s so much within you but if you allow Unconscious Mental Conditioning to take over, you’ll limit yourself and maybe appear as a stale food which the society cannot consume.
Check the processes you’ve subjected yourself to and your environment. Change what you can and improve your output in life.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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