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As a young boy I remember that we were thought to always ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. For some time I really didn’t know why the three had to go together because I felt they would work in the same way or that they even meant the same thing. As I grew older I realized that they are three different things entirely. Let’s pick on understand because it is the one that probably will decide if you will be outstanding or not.
There is no doubt about the fact that knowledge abounds in today’s world. There is so much information available to everyone that you can get confused easily. So many people also seem to have information and you also must know that some others have more information than you. You may think you have it all but when you meet some people, you will just sit and let them talk.
It is also very important for us to note that there are still very many wise people out there. As soon as you hear them or see what they are doing you will be impressed by their wisdom. It will amuse you and you can sometimes exclaim because of their level of wisdom. It is important to have wisdom.
Despite the available knowledge or information and wisdom, you will realize that so many people are still struggling.  They do not know why they should still be struggling since they have so much to offer. They are looking at some people in their fields who are rising very fast. They also want to rise very fast. They have wisdom and information. They even seem to be better with their own skills. If they get the chance to do the same thing that others have done, they will deliver better results.
At the moment they may not be getting results because they are depending on their skills rather than understanding. Understanding delivers a different kind of result to you. When you have and also work with understanding, you will get much more than everyone is getting out of anything. That’s why some people do a little thing and make so much from it and others are doing so much but getting so little! One of the major differences is understanding.
Why then are others doing better when they have more wisdom or knowledge and skills? Sometimes it is simply because some few people know the use of understanding while others depend solely on knwledge and skills. I was with one of my coaches, Richie Dayo Johnson, recently and he took a paper and pencil to draw up a circle for me. He created a ‘v’ shape in a segment of the circle to indicate fifteen percent of the circle. The other large part of the circle was said to be eighty five percent. When he was done, he said, ‘platform and skills are only fifteen percent. Eighty five percent is marketing.’ It means that you may have the skill but what will get you more results is not only the skill but the marketing that you have. In his own words, marketing was not even about the publicity or adverts you are doing. It was mainly about people’s impression of you after seeing you do your work.
A number of people don’t understand this and they think everything is skill. They keep applying information and wisdom to their skill without the understanding of those other things that make the skill useful and relevant! In life you will become more outstanding based on the level of understanding that you have. This became clearer to me when the Bible says, ‘wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting, get understanding. I was wondering why the Bible will say wisdom is the principal thing yet it says we should get understanding in all our getting!
You need to know that whatever you know can be made useless without understanding. A young man may have wisdom and may lack understanding of how to say things and when to say certain things. He may not know what to hold back or what not to say expressly. He can simply display raw wisdom and get into trouble.
Don’t run around in life without understanding. Understanding is what determines if you will be outstanding in life. The progress you can make when others are stuck or don’t know what to do is limited by understanding. When you gain insight through understanding, your life enters a different mode and becomes limitless! Start walking, running, jumping or soaring high with understanding.

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  1. Wow this is post I indeed very insightful and thought provoking..thanks for sharing Daniel..I would like to ask, though, how can one improve in understanding, thanks.

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