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We obviously cannot count the many things we go through on daily basis and why we go through them. Some of them come and go in a short while and there are some of them that are prolonged. Sometimes we get so used to those things we are going through that we have made room for them in our minds. We now expect to see them so often in our activities. We also have what we call the good and the bad times. We go through this and it is clear that everyone enjoys the good and no one really wants the bad times.
When you take a look at all that you are going through, you will realize that it goes beyond just the good and the bad times. That’s why it just might be hard to put them in such boxes as good and bad. It’s also a bit difficult to put life into a yes or no box sometimes. There are other things that you see that do not make the good season a completely good one. Just as there are other things you see that do not make the bad season a completely bad one.
Why do we go through the things that we go through? Why should we seek to understand those things we are going through rather than just discard the bad seasons and pray that the good seasons should continue? It is because there is a purpose. Nothing just happens. Everything that happens to us has a fixed purpose and we only make the most of the moment when we understand the purpose of the moment. If we do not understand the purpose of the moment, there is no way we can get the best of the situation.
As I grew up and began to see that there are so many things I am going to achieve in life, I began to expect more of those good things and the good times. Unfortunately it did not work that way. So many other things that were not pleasant happened along the way. At some point, I could not even explain what was happening to me. I just did not understand because what I was seeing was so different from what I was getting.
Because I am a believer I prayed away the bad times but they just would not go just like that. They seemed to have an assignment they needed to accomplish and they were not going to vanish until their time was up. Later I began to see that a number of the things that I was going through or the moments I was in were actually because of where I was going. While I so much love where I am going, I have learnt over the years that I can’t get to the pleasant places without going through the unpleasant places.
You must see the connection between where you are and where you are going. It is the connection you can make between what you are going through right now and where you are going to that will make your experiences more meaningful.
Don’t think that your present situation is always because of one enemy. It is possible that you have enemies who are working against you. But if you still ask yourself why those enemies are working against you, you will realize that it is because of where you are going. You might be able to deduce that it is because of who you will become that you are going through the things that you are going through right now.
I understand that the easiest thing to do in some cases might be to back out. It just will bring everything to a standstill. If you do that then you will lose out on where you should get to in life. What you are going through right now is so small compared to where you are going to.
What I think you really need to do that can even help you understand the situation better is to start taking note of the things happening to you. Take note of when they happened. Observe the reactions of people around you towards you. See what people are saying. You are not taking this note in order to get back at anybody. You are taking it just to see how that all of these things have a link to where you are going or what you are going to become.
Once you are able to see the link and you focus on where you are going, you will still get there. The moment you get there you can then use your present season to encourage other people who seem to be stuck or who think that their situations should just be wished away.
You are not an ordinary person. And you need to remember that nothing just happens. That means everything happening to you has a purpose. Things will happen to you either based on what you have been or based on what you are going to become. The more important thing is for you to make the most of the present situation and connect its dots with where you are going. If you don’t, you will just see life as good and bad seasons and you will always wish away the bad seasons.   

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  1. waoahhh!!!this is really a timely message for me,,.just what i needed to hear..i pray God keeps you inspired and may his anointing continually rest upon your life and ministry..Thank you so much sir.

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