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If there is anything you must do on daily basis among several others, it is to remain undeterred through all the daily challenges. You will have to face challenges on daily basis. Some of them will try to break you. For some of those challenges you will feel like giving up but you cant afford to do that.
If you know what some people are going through to get things done for you then you will not be deterred by the challenges you face daily to make things happen for others. A few weeks back it was the birthday of someone very close to me. I was going to give a little surprise and I though it was going to be so easy to throw the surprise.
When I got to the gift shop their POS machines werent working. The queues at the banks were too much. The second gift shop also said their POS machines were not working. Eventually I scaled that hurdle when someone close to me showed up with enough cash to bail me out of the situation.
Right after that I went to the office of the person only to realize the person had been transferred. At that point, the right thing to do would have been to give up but I followed through the stress until I did what I wanted to do.
At another day I was going to speak in a dinner organized by some friends. They wanted me to speak at the dinner and would not consider someone else so I set out to go. Just after a few kilometres away from my house, the shaft of my car broke. Now it was a few minutes to the time the dinner would start. At that moment when your car breaks down in the middle of a bad road with several reckless drivers and many other impatient ones, the least of the things on your mind would be speaking in a dinner event.
I called the organizers to let them know what the situation was while I kept making efforts to get the car off the road. At the end of the day it turned out that the car had to be towed and I eventually did that. Just while I was getting a vehicle to tow the car, the organizers of the dinner called again to say they were still waiting for me.
My expectation was that they would have given up. I did not think they were going to call me again to still ask me to speak after telling them what I went through. They just would not give up and that strengthened me at the end of the day.
So I said I will not let this  the challenge with the car – stop me from speaking, which is what I love to do, at the dinner. I finally made it to the dinner and I had a great time speaking and listening to the people who were there. I got a great opportunity to also impact lives with the presentation.
My challenge before the dinner was going to deter me but it did not at the end of the day. I want to encourage you to not let the daily challenges you are going through deter you from what you set out to achieve.
Each time you think about the challenges, just think about the things you set out to achieve. Dont give up on your focus or dreams and passion just because of your daily challenges. Remember that your challenges will barely leave you until you have achieved what you set out to achieve.
In fact, those challenges are there to try to stop you so never let the challenges deter you. if you remain resolute, you will win and laugh last because your challenges will become sweet stories. 
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