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A few days back I was watching television and I saw someone just practically ‘spilling out’ the word of God. After a while I thought within me on how this person would have responded on some other subjects form the word of God. I don’t know how the person would have responded but I also know so well that there are so many people out there who can speak the word boldly … only in the matters where they are not found wanting.
So long as they are found wanting in that matter, they find it difficult to speak the word or say what they word says. Some others don’t just agree with the word at all because it is a portion that has given them an unfavourable verdict. Have you seen people who totally agree with the word of God except in the area of tithing? They believe what the word says and that’s what they also preach but as soon as you touch in tithing they don’t think that the Bible, especially in the New Testament, wants us to tithe. Some others even argue that when tithe was mentioned in the Bible it was first fruit of their produce or one tenth of their produce that was referred to. So it was plants that the Bible talked about as far as they were concerned.
I have had a question for such people. Was there money in those days when the Bible talked about one tenth? I know that in some cases money was already in existence and what the Bible makes us understand about tithe is one tenth of all our increase and not just plants. In their context it also had to be plants because most of them were predominantly farmers! If God was talking to a society as diverse as ours today, do you think he would have said plants?
Apart from the issue of tithes, one other major area you find people disagreeing with the word of God is on the issue of divorce. I have read in some place where someone said human beings are trying to turn the scriptures to cover for their moral failures. The Bible is clearly against divorce and it is amazing that Christians are divided on this issue. When the law makers came to Jesus and asked him what to do with the erring spouse since the law of Moses told them to issue a divorce note, Jesus said to them that ‘IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO.’ He added that it was for the HARDNESS OF YOUR HEARTS that Moses permitted you to issues a divorce note.
He went ahead and gave the only acceptable condition for divorce and that condition is when your spouse has cheated on you. That is not even all according to the Bible. If your spouse cheated on you and you decided to divorce her or him, you and the man are not permitted to get married to other people except the other spouse dies. If you marry before the other spouse dies then it is clearly fornication according to the Bible.
Much more than this, someone that I respect also challenged me on this matter recently. When I mentioned that the only condition for divorce according to the Bible was the case of proven adultery on the part of one spouse, he mentioned the issue of forgiveness as stated in the Bible. The part he quoted was where the disciple had asked Jesus how often we should forgive people. Jesus said seventy times seven … in a day! Wait a minute. That’s four hundred and ninety times in one day! You and I know that it is practically impossible to have someone offend you that many times in a day. So this ‘BIG’ friend’s argument is that the Bible even preaches forgiveness much more than it preaches on the conditions attached to divorce! That means that you have to forgive your spouse four hundred and ninety times in a day (minimum number of times required for her to have cheated on you per day before you can decided not to forgive her).
Now that’s hard. In fact, the word might just be ‘impossible,’ right? It does not sound easy but that’s what the Bible says! How many of us can truly preach the Bible to ourselves in the exact way that it is without trying to twist scriptures so that our moral failures are covered up? I called this the unfavourable verdict because it is easy for some to preach scriptures when it does not hurt them but they can’t preach it the same way when it hurts them.
Hebrews 4:12 says ‘For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’ The word of God does not respect you and you are to conform to the word rather than trying to make the word conform to your actions.
He humble and be taught in the word. The scriptures cannot be broken (according to John 10:35).

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