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I think I am more in love with the love ‘unlock’ and I would have wanted to say you should be a destiny ‘unlocker.’ That’s going to sound funny because there’s no word like that. However, we need to realize that we can help to unlock the destinies of other people around us. I recently wrote that destinies depend on you. Destinies depend on us not only to be fulfilled but to be unlocked.
There are so many people who might be around you and have no idea how to unlock their destinies. They are waking up on daily basis and roaming the streets. Some of them are looking for solutions but others do not just know what to do with themselves.
Please do not just leave these people confused or allow them to continue wondering like lost sheep. One of the things we owe others around us, if you are a destiny shaper, is to help them unlock their destiny.
To unlock destiny means to help open up the possibilities for others. We all have opportunities before us and you can be that person who helps to open the opportunities for others. Sometimes the way to help unlock someone’s destiny is to help them see their potentials and to give them tools that can help those potentials.
If you are a leader in any way, regardless of the size of the group that you are leading, you can help unlock the destiny of the people in that group. A father can do this for his children just as a mother can. A man can do this for his wife and a wife can also do it for the husband. You can do this in your workplace for your colleagues or even subordinates. Interestingly, there’s a way that influence can go from bottom-up so you can even unlock the destiny of those who are your superiors.
It does make a lot of sense to help unlock the destiny of someone because you are taking them off life support permanently. What do I mean by life support in this context? Those who are on life support are those who always have to depend on others for money. They have to wait on you to get anything done. They do not know what to do with themselves. The others may not need money. In fact, they may have a great job and seem to be doing well but they are still on life support because they are not maximizing that life that they have. They are not at peak performance.
Once you help unlock their destinies, it will always be like changing the oil of a vehicle and putting it back on the road. Or it may look like putting a new gear box in a car! They enter a completely new mode and perform differently.
What deliberate steps can you take to unlock the destinies of other people? Sometimes it just might to call these people’s attention to the special gifts you have seen in them and encourage them to refine the gift. Never let them rest until they do something about the gift. Others may have discovered their gifts but still looking for how to work with it. You can provide some mentoring for those ones. In other cases, you may not be able to provide mentoring but you know who can help them. Please refer them to people or places where they can get help. It’s not something you must always do. It just can be a referral that you are making and that would have changed the person’s life forever. A training can do this for some people and you might be kind enough to pay for the training. A book you have in your library can do the trick for others or you can decide to get another copy for them.
In all the activities that you carry out, do not just think about what you have achieved. Think consistently about what you have helped others to achieve. How have you been or how will you be a part of unlocking the destinies of others?  

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