Use the stones thrown at you! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

So long as you are willing to get up and do something every day of your life, you will find people who will be willing to throw stones at you. Sometimes, it will be for no reason at the stones will come at you. You will look at all you are doing and how you are doing those things but will never find anything wrong. Yet, there are people who will be throwing stones at you just for trying to succeed or for even succeeding at some things already. It could be the stone of hatred, backbiting or blackmail. Someone may be deliberately trying to spoil your records so that you will not get to the next level or to even make you lose your present position. So long as you are up on your feet and trying to get something done, stones will be thrown at you.
If you get caught up in the stone throwing or you miss the point and begin to look at the people throwing the stones, then you will also start picking up stones and throwing back at the people who are throwing stones at you. Here’s the first point you must never miss. There are some people who are throwing stones at you and that’s because they already know they are not going anywhere in life so they are trying to make sure they stop other people from getting to where they are going. They have made up their minds to become detractors for those who are going somewhere and you must not allow them to successfully become your detractors.
Having come to the knowledge of the fact that some of the people throwing stones at you are dedicated detractors, all you just need to do is to use the stones they are throwing at you. They expect that the stones will bring you down but you must not let the stones bring you down. You must use it as a stepping stone for your next level. Let me say here that it may not come easily. The stones may bruise your body. It’s possible that you get seriously injured at some point but that’s the exact reason you must use the same stone as your next stepping stone.
There are different places where these stones may be thrown at you. It could be at home or within the family and it could be in your place of work or in the larger business community. It could just be in the community where you live but you must not let this take over your own life and start trying to throw stones back at those people.
How do you use the stones thrown at you as stepping stones?
When people commit to hating you so as to force you out of a place, you have to fill yourself with more love. Hatred cannot always win over love.
When spurious allegations are being made against you, it’s not everything you respond to. All you have to do is continue with the good work you are doing and let your work speak for you.
As some people try to bring you down, you continue to improve on your work, develop yourself and ensure excellence in all you do. People may fight against a good work but they cannot fight against excellence for too long. Excellence will naturally speak out and outshine every condemnation.
Never turn to detractors to do the same thing they are doing to you. You may never win. If you are innocent and committed to what you are doing, you should remember that they are dedicated detractors who have no goals to achieve in life other than bring people down.
Forget about those trying very hard to throw all sorts of stones at you. Just focus on what you have to do, keep doing them and that way the stones they throw at you will become your stepping stone.
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