Value Added Thoughts – Fola Daniel Adelesi

In march of 2009 some university students who had just about one month from graduation in the department of banking and finance asked me to speak in one of their meetings and my topic was, ‘after BSc, what next?’
The first thing I remember telling them was that I wish they had asked the question long before now and that I was not too sure if that was the right question. This is the same question that so many other people are asking today but I wish they had been asking questions like, ‘what do I need to know before getting a university degree or what do I really want to do after getting a degree?’
There are so many people who just go into the university without a purpose and without a vision so they are there because everybody is getting education and they must get education so that they will not be mistreated in the society.
If the idea of getting a university education is because you do not want people to say that you were not properly educated then you are already missing it. I know of people all over the world who did not get a university education and are doing fine in their chosen endeavours. They are not limited by the fact that others are carrying several certificates all about but they are thinking about what they can do to improve on the situation of the society. It is unfortunate that even people who carry certificates do not know what to do with themselves and the people who do not carry certificates know what to do with themselves and they are impacting their worlds. There are even cases of uneducated people paying several millions in the highest currencies of the world to the people who are educated.
What was the problem or what wrong? Read this and tell everyone about it. The problem is that people want just the education and education can, at best, put you under Value Added Tension and Value Added Terror. When you have a vision before getting an education or you pursue vision while pursuing your education then it means you are going for Value Added Thinking. It is your Value Added Thinking that produces you Value Added Thoughts.
Life only pays extra and much more than expected to those who have Value Added Thoughts and this is the only thing that stands you out of the crowd. If you think like everyone does you obviously will only have the same result that everyone has and that does not make you any better than those people no matter how nice you try to smile in any situation.
There are people who have the degrees and they are still miserable. I remember hearing about a man who has about 3 PhDs from 3 of the best universities in the world and still does not know what to do with himself or how to really manage his life. There was the story of another man who had a first class in mathematics from a prestigious university but did not even own a car after nineteen years of graduation.
Accumulation of knowledge is right but it is not the only solution to have an amazing and fruitful. The only thing that you need before and more importantly after your degrees is VALUE ADDED THINKING OR ELSE YOU REMAIN UNDER VALUE ADDED TENSION.

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