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It is true that everyone is not perfect and our imperfections sometimes draw us back. The reason our imperfections draw us back is not really because they have the power to draw us back all the time but because we focus on our weaknesses so much that we do not pay attention to the strengths that can move us forward. In life, if you will ever amount to anything, you will have to pay more attention to your strengths. I have seen many great people but I am yet to see one that does not have a weakness. In fact, what usually happens is that we begin to celebrate great people with all their weaknesses. When you watch an interesting movie, you sometimes fall in love with the actors because of the great or unique roles they have to play and when their weaknesses start showing up, you tend to pity them or almost pray that the weakness should not destroy them.
If you, an observer of a film that was recorded long before it got to your living room or before you saw it in the cinemas, can pity the actors because of their weaknesses then you need to know that people out there will not crucify you for your weaknesses. You also need to remember that even though it is called a weakness, there are some values you can still add through your weakness.
I recently listened to my friend, Oluwaseun Olaniyan, as he told a beautiful story on radio while I was on my way to Radio Continental 102.3FM in Lagos, Nigeria for an interview on Team Building with Adebola Ajiboye and Ayo Owoduni. He told the story so well and he expected the listeners to also listen for the lessons in the story and they began to call in after his story to share their thoughts.
I will do a quick recap of the story to help you see that you can still get value from weaknesses. It was the story of a servant who fetched water on daily basis for his master with two pots, each hanging on one side of his arm. Although he had two pots, he only brought one and a half pot of water to his master’s house. This was because one of the pots had cracked and the cracked pot will leak from the river all the way to the master’s house. One day, the cracked pot spoke to the servant about his situation expressing his dissatisfaction about the fact that he only brought half pot of water to the house. The servant asked the cracked pot to look on the brighter side of life. He asked the pot to take a look at all the flowers on the road side from the river down to the stream. That didn’t seem to make much sense to the cracked pot because it was not happy. All it wanted was to be fixed so that it can fetch full water and still deliver full water.
After seeing the concern the servant then opened up to the cracked pot. He said, when I saw that you were cracked, I planted flowers on that side of the road where I always carried you from the river down to the house. I always used the water you were leaking to wet those flowers I planted. That is what I have always done and that is why my master has beautiful flowers to decorate his table. If not for the fact that you are leaking, I would not have been able to wet the flowers so easily and my master will have nothing to adorn his table.
When you take a look at that story again, you will realize that even though the pot was cracked, it was still very useful. It still helped in growing some flowers. My own major lesson for you here is that you may have a weakness but there are values that you can still get through the weaknesses. It also means you should not focus on your weakness as a limitation but look at how it can be converted for a better purpose.
You may appear as a weak person but you should never consider yourself useless or irrelevant. With all the weaknesses, there are values that you can still add. Think about those values today and begin to add them!

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