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You must have heard a lot of people who say or think they are Very Important Persons but I think they still have a problem. I do not have a problem with anybody who thinks he is important because we all need some self-esteem to get anything done in life. You are going to appear miserable if you do not have self-esteem and you are probably going to have your world up side down.
Come to think of it. Is it really the amount of money you have in your bank acount that makes you a VIP? Is it the kind of car you ride in that makes you a VIP? Is it the house you live in that makes you a VIP? Is it the position you occupy that makes you a VIP? Is it the kind of friends you keep that makes you a VIP? Whatever your impression or opinion of a VIP is should not be a problem right now but I must say that the definition is changing.
The revolution around the world right now is taking us to the era where you are not going to be a VIP simply because you were born to wealthy parents. You are going to work out your address yourself. It is going to be a time when you would only be called a VIP because of your relevance to the society. We have add enough about the illusion of celebrity. You cannot just wake up with ill gotten wealth and you expect the entire world to reckon with you as a VIP. Yop hope they will give you some titles and present some awards to you so that your profile will be boosted. No! If it used to be that way we are no longer going to have it that way.
You are simply going to be a VIP because of three things and they are Value, Impact, Productivity. If you have no value added to yourself in this time that we are talking about you will not get the attention of people. only the value that you have added to yourself can allow you make impact in your time. This is going to be a time when you will only be permitted to brag becuase of your impact. Every other thing you say will not be regarded. Your impact on the people is what will help us measure your productivity and, like I said, you will never be regarded as a Very Important Person until we have seen your Value Impact Productivity.
Lay aside every material thing that does easily deceive you to pursue the acquisition of Value and the transfer of impact for a life on productivity. Because of my writing, speaking, consultancy services and innovation I am a VIP. Are you one?
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