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Very busy with very little to show | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
One of the things that people in this present day need to be wary of is being very busy but with very little to show for it. I have heard a number of people opening their mouths in regret after working for over 20 years in a company. If they felt that the more than 20 years they had put into the companys growth was a wasted effort, why did it take them that long to realize that they were not having their desired results?
Did they discover only have retiring that something was wrong somewhere and that they could have spent their productive time doing some more important things elsewhere? Todays technology and social utilities are not helping the youths in their personal development as much as they are in helping to waste their productive time with other people around the world even though it could be a different story.
I often wonder why people continue in an unproductive cycle on daily basis and never become conscious of the fact that they only have a routine and not a result! For years you have done only one thing and all you have been able to do for yourself is just to get by on daily basis. There is no sign of a bright future except for fantasies in your out-of-this-world imaginations. It is a very busy world and even those who are not doing anything appear to be busy.
We really need to take a break from this busy phenomenon and review our activities from time to time. We dont need to wait till after retirement before it dawns on us that we have been so busy but we are not producing results. It is time to remember basic principles and as well come to terms with the fact that it is not everything that is working for us and through our hands. We must give up some things and focus on some other things. If you have been consistent in what you do by now you are most likely to know what works and what does not work. If you have not felt peace in the job you currently have there is no point keeping the job simply because you are afraid to take a new and bold step. If you refuse to take that step now then you stand a chance to invite regret and bitterness into your life some years from now.
Usually, when people have a chance to restructure their lives, they will always come up with excuses that will seem good enough not to go ahead. Deep down within them, they know that the restructuring which may mean resigning a job when you dont have another offer, changing a location to where you know nobody or investing in something that you really do not have a guarantee for is the right thing to do. If only we take a good look at those excuses we make all the time, we will realize that they are the true reflections of our fears and those fears are killing us on daily basis. The fears that we have allowed to settle in our minds and the fears that we have given much thought to instead of questioning have become institutionalized for us such that we make excuses from them. Unconsciously, we do not realize that some of the excuses we are making that are not allowing us to break new frontiers are the products of our baked fears.
For this reason, we go on and on in the direction that does not give us the needed satisfaction yet we are not going back or retracing our steps! We are settling with being very busy but the conscience disturbs us about having very little results. We sometimes dont want a change in the plans that have been presented to us by others but we keep forgetting that other people will not live our lives for us! No matter how long they live or empathize with us, in the long run we are the ones who live with the pains. I cant bear pleasing people who live with me while I am living with the pains of their desires in my life. We must turn around and decide what we really want. Do you want to look busy to please people or you want to go with your mind and have results?
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