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If you love to watch videos as a number of people do then I think it is important to begin choose carefully the vides that you are watching instead of just watching any kind of video. Some of the videos you watch are very instrumental to forming your mindsets and automatically shape your decision making process.
I want to implore you to use videos for your personal productivity by watching videos not just for entertainment but for the lessons they have to offer. With that you know it is not every video that can give the kind of lessons to help you develop yourself but I have seen some videos which I am now recommending because I believe they will help you.
If you can, I will suggest you see the flowing videos:
1. Akeela and the Bees – A young girl who was coached to win national spelling bee
2. The Preachers’ Kid – a Pastor’s kid seeking freedom but getting abused by the freedom
3. The Pursuit of Happiness – Chris Gardner – From poverty and single parenting to wealth.
4. The Social Network – A movie on Mark Zuckerberg’s establishment of facebook.
5. The Blindside – how a seemingly laid back and an overweight became a celebrity.
6. Inception – amazing film on how others plant an idea in someone’s mind.
7. Extraordinary measures – a father quitting his job to seek solution for his sick children
8. The Great Debaters – black kids developing speaking skills in a period of racial descrimination
9. The Secret – The laws of attraction and how you can use it for your success.
When you are done watching these videos I am pretty sure you will have a new perspective to some of the things you are doing and you will see how some very ordinary people have become extraordinary people.
Some of us have been able to build our perspectives by watching the right videos instead of just sitting in front of the television to keep ourselves busy.
I would be glad to have a feedback from you as soon as you see any of these videos. Watch them and become a better person!
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