Vision and Location – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Where you find a man today determines where you will find him tomorrow. A man cannot be everywhere and still claim to be going somewhere. You are not the one who should be found every where if you know where you are going. People may complain they have not seen you in a while but that is not an excuse for you to go looking for anyone every where. If you are the one who keeps looking for people all around and you want to be in every party and every event you will soon lose your value.
Dr. David Oyedepo said, “some people said they have not seen me for a while and that they just wanted to come and say hi. I said to them, “do you visit a woman in the labour room? I am in the labour so you can’t see me now since you do not visit a woman in the labour room” Another friend of mine, Oyinkansola Alabi, while pastoring on campus said, “someone said I am scarce and I said to the person do you find diamonds everywhere? It is only stones you find everywhere.”
If you know the importance of where you are going to in life then you will admit that it is not everywhere that you should go to. There is always a place of preparation. A man cannot claim to have examinations in a classroom in a few days and the same man is always found on the football pitch. The only exception is if the same man is going to be taking a sports examination.
You cannot be shouting I have a dream and perpetually be in the company of people who are looking for how to make instant money and how to always enjoy life. Chief Obafemi Awolowo quoted to have said, “the heights that great men attained were not attained by sudden flight but while their companions slept they burnt the midnight candle.”
Find the right place that will be a link to where you are going in life. Destiny locates only those who stay in the right place. The man who discovered the law of gravity discovered it by being under an almond tree when an almond fruit fell on his head. He began to wonder why the fruit would only fall and not rise and that made him popular. For a man of destiny, everywhere is not your place so you cannot be everywhere.

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