Vision and Preparation – Fola Daniel Adelesi

“Preparation,” they say, “is the mother of manifestation.” When preparation collides with opportunity what happens is success. You cannot recognize opportunity when there is nothing you have been preparing for. What appears to be an opportunity to you only appears to be an opportunity because you suddenly spot that thing that you have spent so much time preparing for.
If you are not prepared for it will only appear to you as just another issue that one must face on daily basis. Life on daily basis presents to us challenges and the good news is that the challenges come with opportunity all of the time. There are people in the world today who have become celebrities as a result of the circumstances that naturally should have killed them. Some others have died in those situations but they did not.
What will single us out in most of the things that we do in life will be the preparation that we have put into it. We cannot have different inputs in the things of life and still expect the same results. At this point it is pertinent to say that there are types of input into what a man calls his vision and the type of input that you have will obviously determine your result. There are so many people who only have intelligence as the input into their visions but they get to a level only to realize that there is a level in vision where intelligence cannot take you further. You may just need to get companionship at that level so the input that you have in the lives of some of the people around will afford you the opportunity to fetch companionship. If you have had no input then you will not have anyone to offer that companionship that should take your vision further than where it is.
You will also get to a level where you will realize that the only thing you need to go further will be an extra ordinary help that goes beyond what any man can offer. At this point, intelligence and companionship will fail you because the help you need at this point has to come from the ultimate source of all true visions. You just know at this level that it has to be God.
If it must be good then it must be God because it cannot be good if it is not God. Only God can make it good because all good and perfect gifts come from him so it just must be God to be good because no one else has the capacity to make it good except God.
Therefore, in fulfilling your vision it is imperative to have a personal preparation with God in life with your vision. God is like an architect giving instruction to construction engineers on how to erect a building because he created the design they are working with. God created the design you are working with and he understands it more than any other person so he is your best guide.
The best the internet will do for you is to show you what others have done but it cannot give you the capacity to do those things. Only HIM can make to “will and to do” so you do not have any complete preparation for vision because he gave you the vision in the first place. When preparation is in place then you are ready for a place in life.

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