Vision and Sacrifices – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the things that have helped great men in attaining the heights that they have attained in the pursuit of purpose has been the consistence of sacrifices paid for the vision to become a reality. One day in the month of October in year 2008 I called a young man to come and pick the television I had just put into my new office. I really thought I needed it in my office to be abreast of things going on in the society but I decided to give it out. In December of 2008 I went for a TV interview regarding one of my books, Writing Business Proposal, that was new in the market at that time. After the interview the presenter was so impressed and she said she had been looking for some to take a motivational segment on the programme for ten minutes twice a week. I gave out my TV and a few months later I became consistent on TV and was running a motivational talk segment twice a week.
Running a motivational segment on TV was a part of my dreams but one thing that was to unlock that reality was with me. It sometimes takes a lot of sensitivity to know what you should let go so that what you are expecting can come. There are things you must give up if you want to go up. Someone once said that you have to give up to go up
Sacrifices are not necessarily in giving gifts to other people but they are important because they open up doors for us in line with our vision. Sometimes what our sacrifices do is to speed up time for us so that we can do in ten months miraculously what should be done in 10 years.
One of the sacrifices to make for your dream or vision is to sit down and work at it. Others may be playing around but you cannot afford to be playing around because you have something in mind. Others may cheat to have the easy way out but you cannot because you know integrity counts with the kind of vision that you have.
Sacrifices may go as far as eating one meal a day when every other person is eating three meals a day. You may have to do this to take your dream to a desired height but after that dream has been taken to a desired height you will realize that it is that dream that will begin to provide the things you denied yourself access to.
Imagine parents who starve so that their children can go to school. Imagine parents who have limited clothes so that their children can be truly educated. A pregnant woman is not the one that should be found at the beach expecting to have fun! When everyone is jumping about she has to sit somewhere. When everyone is eating whatever they like she has to eat a few things among what she likes and a lot of what is recommended because she is pregnant and is expecting safe delivery. After delivery she can join others to do whatever they are doing and she can also jump about at any time of the day.
The reason a pregnant woman will not do just any thing is because she has to make sacrifices for the baby to be safely delivered. When you are pregnant with a vision you don’t do what everyone is doing because you don’t want a still birth and you are expecting safe delivery.

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