Vision and Spouses – Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you do not know where you are going you will not know who should go with you. When you truly have a vision which leads you to a definite destination you also have to be very careful about your companion on the way to that destination. It has been said again and again that, “behind every successful man there is a woman,” though the woman are now fighting that they are beside and not behind. It does not matter to me if they are behind or beside. What matters is that they are around but more importantly, we should know that only a successful woman can help a man to succeed and only a successful man can help a woman succeed.
You must have heard that it takes two to tangle but I will say it often takes two to succeed as far as this subject is concerned. Some people have died before their time as a result of their choice of spouse and some others are not dead but they are as good as dead even while living because of their choice of spouse.
A man like Winston Churchill who was highly revered in his time said, “my most brilliant achievement was my ability to persuade my wife to marry me.” If the prime minister of a nation said that his most brilliant achievement was his ability to persuade his wife to marry him then it means he is acknowledging the importance of the wife’s role in his success. A young man once told those of us in a meeting about how things were tough when he was getting started in his business. He had resigned from an oil company to start his business. He was a big boy and was enjoying life but he wanted fulfillment and not satisfaction so he stepped out to start his company. At a point when things were so hard he said to his wife that he was going to take up a job but the wife said to him, “I will be disappointed if you do because I married you for your vision.” That statement stopped him from taking the wrong step at that time and he kept going until there was a breakthrough for him.
For some women who are going to succeed, they must really understand that they need a man who truly understands their vision. One should give great credits to a man like Pastor Taiwo Odukoya who gave a great platform to his wife, Pastor Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya. The wife became more famous along the line and so many people even taught that the wife was the founder of the church. I heard of situations where they both will go out and the hosts will welcome the wife and leave the husband out of the reception but she would look back to show them her husband. At that moment the people then pay some attention to the husband.
It takes a mature man to let her wife keep succeeding without growing envious or insecure at whatever pace the wife seems to be succeeding.
There are men who would have been more successful than they are but they are not going far because of their choice of women. You need to remember that you will take your most vital decisions with your spouse and decisions determine destiny so you are going to have a fatal end from choosing the wrong spouse. If you think you have already chosen the wrong spouse, there is a way out. Attitude can win people over but prayer can change them. In other words it will require prayers to change and attitude to keep going on.

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