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It is very easy for most of us to talk about vision only from the perspective of being focused and knowing what you intend to do with your life. While that is very true, we often neglect an important part of vision and it is the fact that vision will always attract challenges. I don’t intend to scare you but if you ever get a vision that you will like to work on, you must also prepare for the challenges that will come with the vision. In fact, some public speakers have jokingly said that if you claim to have a vision, then you are looking for trouble. It may not be as bad as the word trouble but you should never expect that your vision will come cheaply and it will also happen cheaply.
I also like the fact that when God gives you a vision he often does not tell you the challenges you will encounter while trying to achieve the vision. What God will do to you is to paint a picture for you so that you can see the end from the beginning. Guess why he does that! God is the God that sees the end from the beginning so when he is giving you a vision, he is actually giving you one of his many abilities.
The vision may appear very nice. You may like it so much and you want to rush into it. The pictures that will pop up in your head will be lovely. You will feel like making it happen right now. Slow down. I know that feeling that comes with getting a great idea. I have been there severally. I have so many wonderful ideas and I can almost describe the euphoria that comes getting a new vision or a new idea. Let me take you back to the Bible days and see what God did to the children of Israel. When they were in Egypt, they got a promise from God. God told them he was taking them to a beautiful land and he even described the land for them. He said it was a land flowing with milk and honey.
How can you hear the description of a land like that and not jump up? A land flowing with milk and honey? Everyone would be excited but they did not know that they would have to go through the red sea to get to that land flowing with milk and honey. They did not realize that they would have to spend some time in the wilderness just to prepare for the land they were going to. They probably did not also realize that when they get to the land they have to fight the occupants of the land. Nehemiah in the Bible is another good example. He got the vision to rebuild the walls of his father land but as soon as he set out, opposition stood up. He had to face the challenges of working and accomplishing the mission while also getting ready to fight anyone who wanted to stop him. At a stage in the building process, the workers had their trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. So they were working and as well prepared to fight any opposition that wants to stop them.
You must know that challenges will come but the challenges are not there to destroy you. The challenges are just phases of your vision that will prepare you for were you are going. When you go for a job interview they will ask you about your experience as it relates to the job. It is the same thing with a vision. Challenges will come to either question your experience or give you the needed experience. Sometimes, you can sit down and there will be no challenges or opposition but when you are looking for trouble, just declare that you have a vision.
For some people, you may realize that you have a good cash flow but as soon as you declare that you have a vision, your cash flow might become funny. Some other people may have a great network such that when you want anything you know who to talk to and you will get it. But things will change as soon as you say you have a vision. You will simply realize that your network is not working for you again. All the people you know just act like they don’t know you anymore. You can get to that phase of your life where everything just seems very hard. In fact, you will think that you are under a spell that forbids you from prospering. I am not saying that people may not be under a spell but sometimes it is not so. It is simply because of the vision that you carry.
Opposition and challenges will naturally come when you have a vision and you must brace up for it. You must be prepared. You cannot afford to allow the opposition break you. There are people who have been broken by opposition and challenges so they have completely given up on their vision.
Once you know you are to expect challenges because of your vision, then prepare for the challenges as well as you are preparing for the vision itself.
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