Vision Driven Community – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Many of us have talked about the need to live in a developed country but we have neglected some of the most paramount issues that we need to trash and I must say without any reservation that the issue is about a vision driven community.
Take a good look at the town you live in right now. Most of you get out in the morning and just say “hi” to one another but you never get together to talk about a common vision for that town. These same people who live together in an area expect the government to perform a magic. You are always talking about what the government has refused to do but you never start talking about what you have refused to do. You have been trying hard to do something together in your community for more than 10 years now and you have not succeeded but all of you can open your mouth to blame the government. You do not realize that what you have not been able to do is also a failed government in your community.
If the nation must succeed it is going to be a cumulative effort of the people in the nation and it is not about the president seating in the state house hoping to perform a miracle with the magical powers he does not possess. We all are going to have a vision driven country when we first have a vision driven community. You have to get involved in what goes on in your community. Don’t just talk about what is not happening. Begin to talk about what must happen and how it can happen. I think it is really easy for us to have a vision driven community in all the towns of our country but we have to think about what kind of community we live in right now and what we want it to be in ten years time. I am living in a local community right now but I see it as a commercial beehive ten years from now and that is what it is going to look like. The whole process has begun with me not just talking to people but being their example. They are beginning to see me set examples that so many people have not set yet and with that we can pass the message across with less of talk and more of action.
Our vision driven community idea will materialize if people in the community begin to see that people around them are getting busy and are making things happen to improve the status of the community. People naturally begin to take the shape of what they find in their atmosphere. They often get into cold communities and that is why they are cold. That is why you can get into a town and everything in that town is cold because everyone hopes there will be a magic from the government. Let’s begin the hot-fire movement by making the atmosphere uncomfortable for people who just want to settle down and do nothing. Let’s put them on the run. When they see us as great examples and action oriented examples they will not need to be told to get started on something instead of just seating down and eating or enjoying what other people have already done.
Create a vision for your community and sensitize them towards it. Do you want to see a commercialized town? Start work on it. Do you want to see a town that will be referred to as the home of a great product? Start working towards it. It is really possible and a crowd does not have to start it. It takes a mind belonging to one man who is willing to take action!

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