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When working with a vision, if you pay attention to details, you will realize that there are some very simple but hidden truths about getting things done apart from just knowing what to do and when to do it or how and where it should be done! I have seen a lot of people do things excellently well but still don’t understand the seemingly simple but spiritually pivotal role of seeds in bringing their visions into reality!
For you to achieve the vision you carry around, you have to reckon with the fact that only seeds will unlock the next phase of your vision! You will never the entire vision from the beginning but you will be seeing the vision in phases and that will be a lot easier so that you don’t collapse when you see the entire vision at once! Sometimes when a vision comes to you, the simple, easy to understand goal of the vision and the first few steps into the vision is what you receive or are inspired to start! You may never see the strategies needed to push through and that’s also because you may never see some of the challenges that will come your way. It is when you get into the vision that you will see the challenges and the strategies needed to overcome the challenges or opposition will begin to unfold to you!
There are cases where it may seem as if nothing is happening but you need to understand that for you to access the next phase of the vision that you carry, you will need to unlock it with a seed! A seed can unlock your entire destiny! It can birth your greatness faster than you imagine and it can accelerate everything in your life! When you first sow the seeds it may not appear as if anything has happened and that is the way it is in so many cases! There could be a few shallow rooted seeds that will germinate in a few days and you will get your results but if you are talking about seeds that have to do with your destiny, I’m sure you do not want to sow shallow rooted seeds! You will need to sow seeds that you will reap from in years to come and your children will also come to reap from it!
If you remember the story of Saul and his servant in the Bible then you will remember that at some point they could not understand why what they were looking for was yet to be found so they decided to go to the prophet. As soon as the decision was reached to go to the prophet, the next thing they did was to talk about the seed to sow into the prophets’ life! Another example of seeds unlocking the next phase of vision or destiny for someone is the case of Solomon at the dedication of the temple in the Bible. It was true that David left a lot of seeds for him to build the temple but he could have squandered it! He also added to the resources on ground and built a temple for God. When that happened and the temple was being dedicated, God’s presence filled the entire place where Solomon and his people were worshipping and declarations by made concerning Solomon and his destiny!
When you get to a level in the pursuit of your vision and you seem confused, you can unlock the solution with a seed into fertile grounds – this can be a successful person in your related field, the less privileged, a spiritual authority, your parents or a mentor. Never underestimate the powerful secret of unlocking the next phase of your destiny with a seed! I should also remember to tell you that only quality seeds will open up the doors of quality future! You cannot sow a seed with the mindset that you are helping the person who’s receiving your seed and get the best out of it! It is the person who is receiving the seed that is helping you because the virtues that the person carries will unlock opportunities for you and things will turn around!
Stop struggling with every new phase in your vision and try sowing a seed to unlock the next phase! The seed may be ‘painful’ but you will be ‘praiseful’ by the time strategies open up to you when others are going abroad to attend a business school for solutions. My Bible tells me that all good and perfect gift come from ‘above’ not from ‘abroad’ so you need to release that seed in your hands to allow the release of your needed resources to move on in life!
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