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It is only the people with a vision that experience strong opposition. If you have looked at your life and the situation around you only to realize that everything runs smoothly without any opposition then you have to check what you call a vision.
Whatever is called a worthy cause will have supports from people but on the other side it will have resistance and what will make it a reality is how long it stands against the resistance in focus. When you are trying to do something good or something really big you should expect that someone will try to stop you or someone will try to discourage you.
Some of the people who will try to discourage you will not do it intentionally but there are others who will also do it intentionally so you are the one who must be so sure about the vision you have received. It is easy for people to be distracted and taken of course when the vision and purpose are not clear to them. If you have a clear vision and are so convinced and committed and it will not matter what some detractors will say or do to stop you from achieving your vision.
There was the story of a man in an ancient city who was captured as a slave and his city was left desolate. This new slave was to serve in the King’s palace and he did that diligently such that he rose to be the King’s cup bearer. One day, some people from his city brought news to him from his fatherland about the desolation. He broke down in tears and thought about what to do. He immediately received a vision because he had a mind that was about proffering solution.
After the vision was conceived the next challenge was getting approval. He didn’t really know how to go about this so he decided to whip up sentiments from the King by appearing sad even when he was not sick. It worked for him because the king noticed his countenance and asked him what was wrong. When the King heard the story, the slave got an opportunity to present a request to the King and it was granted immediately. He was even given a written permission in order to help him scale through some hurdles on the way.
This slave who served in the King’s palace set to commence work on the vision with permission from the highest authority in the land. No sooner had he set out than he began to experience opposition. Two major detractors tried to stop him but they realized he had the approval of the highest authority. When they found out they could not stop him that way, they resorted to physical violence after the work began.
In all wisdom, as carefully planned, the former slave had told every one of them the goal to be achieved and the plans of the enemies. So he gave an instruction that every one of them should be fully armed to fight when the detractors come but they must continue their work. With this instruction you can then picture a workforce with working tools on one hand and fighting tools on the other hand. They faced their work and did it diligently with the hands that had the working tool and when opposition came up the fighting tools also came up. This was a brief story of a man called Nehemiah as reported by the bible with opposition from Samballat and Tobaiah.
Every visionary must be able to adopt the strategy given by Nehemiah which is about being fully prepared for work and for war. You always have your working tool and you still carry a fighting tool in life because you will have some verbal detractors that you do not have to fight physically and there just might be some physical attack. Though I want you to note that in this case most of the attacks are not physical so I am talking about battles in minds and strategies for your vision and against your detractors.
If you are experiencing any opposition in what you are trying to do, it just might be because it is a worthy cause since nobody bothers with someone who is already failing. Fight on because the vision must be birthed.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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