Visions don’t have to be complex! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi.

Martin Luther King’s dream that his four little children will no longer be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character was not a complex dream at all! It simply speaks of freedom and equality! The dream was such a big one at the time that he proclaimed it when you consider the situation that black people in the United States found themselves in. It also required a lot of courage to stand up in the public and declare such dreams! It didn’t only require courage, it was a life threatening dream and he eventually lost his life as a result of the dream.
I’m not going to delve into details of the civil rights movement because my focus is to show how simple a vision can be and how it can still have a great impact. If you have a chance to look at some of the protesters’ cards during the civil rights movement, it was so clear that what they wanted was freedom and equality. The black people or other people of colour wanted the same treatment as others! They didn’t want to be segregated anymore! They didn’t want a situation where a black person would be told to stay miles away from where a white person is standing! In order to do this they didn’t have to write long complex visions for people to know they had a vision. The vision was very simple but they had very powerful ways of reinforcing the vision!
I look around today and review some of our organisations only to find that most of them do not have clearly stated visions! Some other people have very long and complex visions written on the official papers of the organisations and you may even find them on the wall but when you look at what the organisation is doing, you cannot relate the vision to the activities of the organisation! I also find it funny that spiritually inclined organisations who should have a better understanding of what vision is do not have a clear vision and do not understand how to pass a vision across to other people!
You need to look at all that you are doing and be able to summarize it in very few words! Until you can break down your own vision into very few words, I dare say that the vision is not yet clear to you as well! I used to be in that situation where I would describe my vision with some sentences today and if you ask me the following day, I would describe the same vision with so many other words yet with the same intention! When you keep describing your vision with so many words, it will not really help you in passing the vision to others! Some people will take the part that is clear to them and run with that and others will also take the remaining part, try to understand it and also run with that. When that happens then there is ‘di-vision’ in the organisation! ‘Di’ means two so it means there are two visions and it some cases it could be far more so it’s a lot easier when you just use very few words that most people will have the same interpretation for!
I know of some organisations whose visions are as simple as ‘raising role models, inspiring productivity, meeting your IT needs, connecting people and many more like that! Your job becomes a lot easier when your vision appears easy to understand and then you can begin to breakdown the strategy for achieving the vision. How simple is your vision for others to understand?
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