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In recent times we have a lot of people who want to get jobs and they are looking in different directions for those jobs but one of the biggest challenges that job seekers have is that they do not have the needed experience that most of their prospective employers are asking. For the employers, it is about experience but for the prospective employee it is more about just getting a job! I have giving some very serious advice to some people in the last few days and I want to share the same thing with you! It may be hard but I know it works!
A few years back I was doing something for free in a broadcast media house and I continued for at least a year until I got a bigger platform and move on. All through the period when I did that work with the broadcast media, I was not paid a penny yet I was being called upon on weekly basis and I sometimes did two or three presentations with them in a week. I did all of that for free in one year regardless of those days when I could make the excuse of not having the money! Today, one of the things that I put in my resume is that free job I have done for the broadcast media. When people see your resume and where you have been a volunteer then they say ‘oh, you already have some experience so we can hire you.’ Before getting the first full paid job that I ever had after graduating from school and doing my National Youth Service Corps, I did a lot of things for free but they now serve as the boost to my profile and career.
You may not get a good paying job for now but while searching for jobs you can volunteer in a company near you that offers services similar to your field of interest. Some people don’t even know that it’s in the middle of doing the volunteer work which may not payoff so well that you even get other opportunities that will pay you so well. If you have been to interviews recently then you will know that some people are not so concerned about what you are being paid but they want results and they need to see experience!
Make it easier for yourself to get a job by presenting the experience prospective employers are requesting! Volunteer in a place for some time and I even suggest that you remain there until a job opportunity comes. I know you really want to get a job so quickly but you have to think about it in two different ways! The company where you are volunteering can decide to retain you and when they don’t, you would still have built some rapport and added new contacts to your contacts. There are those who have been in jobs for years now but started out by being office assistants! You can be humble enough to learn from others.
Volunteer today and get all the experience you need so you have some working experience to show for your prospective job.

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