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If you have ever met some perfectionists before then I am sure you will know that some of them just never get anything done in the bid to create the perfect picture for what they need to do before starting anything! While will you always have to wait for a perfect plan? Have you also been told by some consultants that you need to have a very good plan and until you have that plan you should not start anything at all? Have they told you that you must have a certain amount of money before you can start your pet project? For so many of us, I think we always mix up having a plan to work with and not starting anything until you think the plan is perfect!
I have seen a number of cases where building engineers have a design in mind and they follow through with the design from the beginning until they get somewhere and there’s just a little challenge for them to fix and they realize that the only way they can fix that challenge is to deviate from the plan on paper. In some cases when they choose not to deviate from the plan they may suffer the consequences of being too rigid in the future and unfortunately it can also lead to the collapse of a building! I have watched my own father supervise the building of his house himself and trust me he’s the kind of person who takes a lot time to plan but I also like him for the fact that he does not just plan and wait till the plan is perfect but as he plans he also thinks about the moves he can make while waiting for other resources that can make the plan perfect or close to perfect. He has always been very flexible but has a very good plan in place. He’s also the kind of person who might be close to finishing a project and he suddenly gets an idea on how he could have done it differently! He will look for a way to inculcate the new ideas into the plan on ground!
We should never try to live our lives by waiting for a perfect plan before we begin anything because you are most likely not to be able to do anything that way! I know of people who will never write their books because they are waiting for that time when they will be known so well by people in the society before writing the book and then some of them become so famous and equally get too busy to sit down and write the book. There are those who have a great plan but it does not seem as the perfect plan to them and they will also just keep the great plan until they are convinced that they have the perfect plan. Sometimes some of them end of losing those great plans to the trash can while waiting to perfect the plan!
You need to start something from where you are with the plan on ground! You can consult people and make sure that you are improving on your plan from time to time but there is no such thing as a perfect plan! There are those who have been planning to build a house for more than ten years and that is what they are still doing today. There are those who have said they will start their own businesses and they have been planning that for years but that is what they are still doing today! Some people have been planning to get married but you have to pray they don’t reach their menopause before they eventually get married! Some people keep planning to go back to school but they just never see the perfect plan that can help them get back into the school system!
Stop waiting for a perfect plan to get things done because waiting for a perfect plan can sometimes be as good as not having any plan in the first place! I don’t disregard the fact that you really need to plan and sometimes plan for a long time but one of the things you really need to do is to take action while also perfecting the plan. In some cases when you take action while perfecting the plan you will realize that your plan would have worked only on paper so you can readjust the plan to what’s truly realistic and stop fantasizing about a perfect plan
Plan, but work as you improve on the plan!
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