Wanderers and Squanderers! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

As much as people often complain that they do not have enough resources to get things done and they are always asking for more, you will still find that a lot of people are guilty of wasting either time or resources in one way or that other. I have had to talk about wanderers and squanderers because they are the two types of wasters we have who still keep saying they do not have enough resources for the things they would like to achieve. While the wanderer is a waster of time, the squanderer is a waster of resources. When you take a look at both you will realize that when you waste time you can’t possibly get more resources and when you waste resources then you will always need more time in order to get those resources back so what it means is that most people who waste time are also wasting resources and as you waste resourrces you are also wasting time.
Did I hear you say you don’t have a job and that’s why you have been sitting at home and you are doing nothing but ‘praying that the job will come.’ When you keep sitting at home then you are already wasting time because no one can be held responsible for not employing you and we all need to stop blaming the government for unemployment! If the government has not given you jobs to do we should also ask if it is the government that will help you plan your time and give you the required skills needed to either get some businesses started or get your dream job! Get out of that house and go somewhere you can be useful to yourself either by learning something new or offering the skills you already have. In some cases you may even need to work for free before your paid job can become a reality! If you have been following my blog (www.foladaniel.com and www.foladaniel.wordpress.com) you probably would have read about how I did several jobs for free and today I can count those free jobs as part of my very relevant experience in my speaking and writing business today.
There are those who thing they have all the money coming in from where they are working and they are not being futuristic in their thinking. They have no plans as to what they can do apart from the work which gives them salary today and they have forgotten that they can even be sacked for whatever reason. I have heard stories of several people who earn enough money to be able to build houses while working but they spent all the money jumping from one country to the other and after resigning they have almost nothing to fall back on and can barely pay the rent of the houses they now live in.
If you are a young person and you still have uncles and aunts giving you money then I should say that you really don’t know what you are still enjoying right now and the earlier you take adavantage of that the better. You need to remember that you will soon get to a level where no one will give you free money and you have to work for everything you earn! Why don’t you consider starting a business while you still get some free money to play around with? When you makes mistakes in your busines or finances it’s still very possible you get some free money to push it back to life and you can learn all the major business lessons you need to learn while the money is free money! It’s going to be a lot more serious when you have to use your salary or borrowed money from anywhere to do the business at a time when you must work to earn and pay back everything!
Sometimes I also hear of those who work in offices that afford them plenty of time to do other things they would like to do and while they are there they don’t even think about getting other degrees or even going for some trainings so that they can improve their skills or be qualified for higher positions when there are vacancies. Some of them wait till there’s a vacancy and they begin to hope that someone will have mercy on them and just give them the position without a consideration for the qualification.
Think about the fact that if you save time you will have more time to do other things and when you save resources or invest them you will also have more resources at your disposal for other things so you need to stop wasting or spending things just as you see them! In which category are you being a waster: wandering or squadering?
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