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It will never be fair to talk about not making hasty decisions and leave out how to avoid making those hasty decisions. There are different ways you can avoid making hasty decisions and I will just mention a few of them. If you are really ready to get out of making hasty decisions then you need to follow these simple thoughts and you will have yourself to thank for taking a decision like this. If your life has been a product of regrets from hasty decisions, you need to slow down a bit, think and start all over again using a different approach.
Those who seem to be making a headway in life without taking wrong decisions have adhered to these plans for years, it is working for them and they are also beginning to recommend it to other people who are willing to thread the same path. Remember or be told that the path of success seems easy to find and clear to everyone but only a few summon the courage to follow it and stay on that path.
This is what I think you can do:
1. Plan – You will always have to make some hasty decisions when you do not always plan for anything. You don’t have your life planned out and you don’t even know what to do with yourself. You really have no idea where you are going and you expect not to make hasty decisions? It does not work like that. You must have things planned out well in advance.
2. Document your plans – As important as it is to think things through, if the thoughts are not documented then your thoughts processes become exercises in futility. As you think you have to write. Every thought not document reserves the right to vanish and not come back again. The moment you document your thought, it is like making a binding agreement on those thoughts to stay with you all the time. They are not going anywhere so you must document your thoughts. If you have thought about something before and it is not documented, you will end up making hasty decisions because you could have forgotten about the things that you decided on.
3. Stick to the plans – I know that it is one thing to plan and it is another thing to stick to the plan. You have to stick to your own plan. Maybe I should say that you need the discipline to stay on your own plan. There are too many people who do not have the discipline to stay on their plans but you cannot be like those ones. Once you draw up plans, stay with them because that is one of the ways you cannot stay away from making hasty decisions. The only time you are expected to deviate from plans is when you see that your plans may not work out well or that something is wrong.
4. Make adequate consultations – No man is an island of knowledge. If you recognize this then you will understand the fact that you will only be able to take right decisions when you make wild consultations with people. If you do not make those wild consultations and move ahead on your own, you may be running into a big mess. There are people who have gone ahead of you. It is common sense to learn from those people that have gone ahead of you. Ask people how things are done and what they suggest you do. It does not mean you will take every man’s advice but you will at least be more guided when you are taking your decision.
5. Take decisions with consequences in mind – after planning well in advance, writing down the plan, sticking to the plans and making wide consultations, you will finally have to take decisions bearing the consequences in mind. Regardless of how many people you have spoken with, if you do not bear the consequences of your decision in mind before going ahead you are likely still going to make one hasty decision. Think about the results of your actions and ask yourself if you will like the result of this decision you are making. Will you be able to bear the consequences when they come?
If only many of us will be a little more patient in the way we do things and go through the plans listed above, it will be easier for us to make the right decisions. We can make the right decisions and we will but we have to think them through in advance rather than waiting till last minute to take decisions.
Start from now! Plan anything that you need to do and start thinking about the decisions you wil have to make!

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