We should not wait for a giving season! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Very many people have given and have gotten something in return because it is a season of giving and receiving! It is really nice to see how caring some people can be and how generous they can also be with the giving of gifts especially food items to the less privileged! We all know that it is a good thing to give but I have thought again and wondered why so many people always wait till the giving and sharing season before they can think about reaching out to other people who seem to be having economical challenges or those who can’t even work and therefore have no source of income!
Giving is something we need to always do and we need to remember once in a while that there are those who will be hungry because they do not have the luxury of walking around like we do and do not have the luxury of using their hands and brains just as we can. There are those who, by no fault of theirs have found themselves in some situations they just cannot explain! You can look around and see children who only hear stories of who their parents might be or who could have been their parents if the circumstances around them were a little different!
If you would take some time to look into the benefits of giving either to the less privileged or those who really have some resources to take care of themselves, you will realize that giving opens up doors for you in so many other areas! When you give you may have forgotten who you gave to but some other things may be happening positively in your life that you cannot explain. You may even say that you don’t deserve what you are getting but it just might be as a result of the giving of gifts to someone around you. I should say that when you give you have to do it with a plain mind towards the person you are giving to. You should not give to a person with the hope that the person will reward you! You should just do your thing and move one because it is a seed and it will surely germinate! Where it will you cannot tell but you must have it in mind that it’s the kind of seed with the harvest you cannot escape!
I should also say that you may give for a course or to someone and it may seem like nothing is happening immediately! Well I can suggest that you take a look at several seeds in the farm or in the bush! Some will start sprouting after three days and some will remain in the ground for months! There are some seeds that only bring out flowers for several months and will only start germinating after years! You may not know the kind of seed you have sown in some cases! The seed may generate instant harvest and it may generate a long term harvest. One other thing that you need to know is that sometimes, only small seeds will generate instant harvest and big seeds will first establish roots in the ground before you can begin to think about any harvest!
We all have to keep up the giving culture but the important thing is that we should not wait till it’s Christmas or a new year or any celebration in particular before we start giving!
Remember, give and it will be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over! If you enjoy giving, you will soon start enjoying the receiving!
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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