What are you hungry for? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

To be productive and successful you need to be hungry for something very conspicuous. If you are not hungry for something you will not be desperate about it. If someone brings it to you there may be some nonchalance.
That nonchalance will be because you are not desperate for it. When you wake up on daily basis, what is it that first strikes your mind? What is that one thing that you are so hungry for that you can take your mind off it?
Until you define that one thing you are so hungry for, you may not be able to explain what it is that you will succeed at.
I remember that the late Dr. Myles Munroe was so hungry about people discovering their purpose. Whenever he met someone, he couldn’t keep a conversation going for more than ten minutes without talking about the person’s purpose. It was clear to everyone around him that he wanted them to discover, develop and use up their potentials in life.
You also have to work very hard at something on daily basis. There must be that ‘desperate hunger’ for something legitimate and you have to go about it the legitimate way.
One thing that I am so hungry for is to see people around me become productive. I keep talking about productivity. I understand that for them to be productive, they have to discover who they are and the potentials that are in them in order for them to attain that great desired height.
I am not sure I am speaking for too long without making direct or indirect reference to productivity. If I don’t say it directly, I will be talking about planning and writing or setting goals. And you know that the whole essence of that is productivity.
So let’s come back to you. What is it that you are so passionate about? I didn’t use the word passion all along because it appears to be a bastardized word. Hunger seems to paint the real picture that I want you to see? When you really crave something, you don’t stop until you get it. So what is that thing that you crave in life?
There must be something you long to achieve. There should be people you desperately want to help. There can be issues that have become a burden in your heart and you really want to become the solution to those issues. I don’t like to see people struggle when they have gifts and barely know what to do with the gifts. I like to show them about to go about maximising the gift and getting out of their frustration.
The day you identify that real hunger within you for something that benefits others around you, then you have discovered your relevance. This is so because it is what you are hungry for that determines your relevance in life.
It is possible that the hunger has started manifesting in you. It is also possible that you haven’t identified the hunger yet. What you need to do is to pay special attention to the things that trigger anger and other forms of emotion in you. Those things may not be unconnected to your essence in life.
Always remember, we all have that hunger within us. Identifying the hunger and responding to it is what brings fulfilment. For those who haven’t found the hunger, it does not matter how successful they appear, they will still not fin fulfilment. So find that hunger within you, respond to it to gain your relevance and get your fulfilment in life.

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