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It is believed that when someone is running, you are either being chased or you are chasing something. I think that this period might just be a good time for you to ask yourself why you have been running all along. You wake up in the morning as early as possible to hit the road and still come back late. When you are at home you have so much to do on your computer and all year round, you barely have any time to rest. It’s always about one deadline or the other. When are you going to have a series of lifelines instead of deadlines?
I guess if you drive you may have experienced a situation where you see something drive past you at top speed and all of a sudden, you see the person some meters ahead driving very slowly again. At that point you now start thinking about why the person drove so first and suddenly started driving slowly. I have even done it a number of times myself. There are times I just hit the pedals and move as fast as I can but all of a sudden I lose interest in that speed! At other times as drivers, when someone drives past us, we just suddenly feel funny especially when the person’s car is perceived to be of a smaller engine capacity and we start racing with the person. The person may not even know that you have started a race with him or her. That is what some of us do in life. We are running a race with those who have no idea what we are even doing or competing with those who barely see us!
What is it that you run after so much so that you have no time for yourself or even your family? Can you take a moment to just sit down and make it clear to yourself? Do you even have any idea what you are running after or is it a case of seeing other people running and you have decided to join them?
Many of us are running so fast in life and our destination is still not clear. Should we say that all this running is because of money? Or is it about becoming better than your peers and being able to show them how well off you are in life? Do you run from January to December only to squander all on a vacation?
It is so easy to get caught up in life among all the things that other people are doing and deciding to do something just because every other person is doing something. Unfortunately, at that moment when you decide to do something because of what others are doing, you are already giving yourself a motivation based on the actions of other people and will most likely end with the purpose or passion of other people.
You have a responsibility to yourself and not to other people. You should not run into paid employment because that is what everyone is running into. You should not just run into having a Masters degree because some are already bragging that they have it. It is not enough for you to have a doctorate degree when you are still confused about your life. Why struggle so much just to buy a house only to realize that the house you struggled to buy all along cannot bring you a lasting satisfaction? Or why do you struggle for all the professional qualifications, get the promotions in your office or career line and realize you still don’t have the thing you are looking for that you thought the position would have offered you?
Spend some time away from the pack and think about your life. You have to spell it out. You can’t continue to run without a clear goal or saying that this is what you are actually running after. You have run after too many things only to realize that is not what you wanted. Now is the time to decide what you actually want and to specify the things you need to do to get it.
Life is a lot easier when we don’t do things only because of what others are doing. Life is a lot easier when we set our own clear goals and run with them. Life is a lot easier if we are not just up and doing so that it does not look like we are left behind by others!
Live your life and run your race with very clear intent that will give you a true satisfaction when you stop running!
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