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For most people it is easy to expect other people to get better by the day in everything they are doing but it is hard to ask ourselves to get better. We constantly ask our spouses to get better with one thing or the other. We ask our colleagues or subordinates at work to improve with one thing or the other. When we walk into a store we expect the sales people to be better at something they are doing at the moment. While it may be true that those people need to get better with something, if they take our corrections in good faith they will get better while we remain unchanged! If this continues then some day, you will find people constantly asking you to get better. And it might not be in a nice way!
When we always ask other people to get better without thinking about ways in which we can improve, it is also a sign of weakness. It can imply that we think we are perfect. We know more than every other person or we are just better than them. Sometimes it is that notion of ‘nobody can do it the way I can.’ We need to take a step back for a moment and think if the problem is really with other people or it is with us. Those other people may not be perfect but why is it that it is only their faults that come in every conversation?
For some time I want you to stop focusing on other people’s inadequacies or weaknesses. In fact, just pretend they do not exist because it is time to focus on improving yourself. What can you do to become better? Take a look at these questions:
Are you the boss you want to be or are you the best boss around?
Do you think you are a better spouse or can be a better spouse?
What do your children think of your parenting skills? Do they think you need to improve?
Can you possibly run your business in a better way to satisfy your customers?
Are you the best person on your team as a team player who also does not hold the team to ransom in anyway?
Can you write better than you are doing at the moment?
Don’t you think that if your presentation skills should improve the company can close more deals?
What about your people or relational skills? Is it the best it can be?
Whatever asnwer you have to all the questions above, if you answer sincerely then you will see that there one thing you can at least improve on. It can be a soft skill or a physical skill. The most important thing here is that your sincerity will show you also have something to improve upon.
Have you ever considered the fact that when you also improve as a person, you become a or a challenge to other people and they naturally want to brace up? Maybe we should also say that the best way to change other people or ask them to improve is to first improve what we can improve upon. When some other people see us improve, they will also want to improve. Above all, it is not always about other people. There is something you can also improve upon. What is that thing you can improve upon? Start working at it today!

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