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It might be unfair to mention the doggedness of General Muhammadu Buhari, President elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who has emerged victorious in the 2015 elections without talking about the things that changed in the years of remaining dogged.
By not it is no longer news that he contested this same office four times and lost three times. I dont remember which party he belonged to in the first two but I remember so well that he had his own party which was popularly known as CPC in the 2011 elections in Nigeria.
After that election he got a number of votes from the North but could not gain the South West, South South And South East geo political zones in Nigeria. Since he did not even get all the votes from the North, he lost the election.
After that loss, some of the different opposition parties in Nigeria thought about how they could possibly win an election and also provide a strong opposition before the next election. They decided that the first thing was to have a strong opposition so they decided to merge parties.
They started talk to themselves and so many parties were coming together to form the All Progressives Congress. The major ones among them were the Action Congress of Nigeria led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, CPC led by General Muhammadu Buhari and a few others. As soon as they merged, they became a strong opposition and gradually began to win over more states in the South West which was predominantly Yoruba speaking.
One strategy that worked for that party was that its leaders were very strategic in picking their candidates and most of their candidates were perceived to have performed. This perception of performance, and indeed they performed, was what made the party stronger and helped them to win over more states.
With all of these on ground, the party thought about someone they could present as their candidate in the 2015 elections. I am not a member of their party and cant tell you why so many things happened but I can tell you what I observed and why I think this last election favoured the General.
The General agreed to what turned out to be a strong merger so he had s stronger chance of winning the election instead of having divided votes. He is a major influence in the North so most people knew that he would effortlessly win the votes of the Northern brothers and sisters.
The party he merged with is predominantly in the South West and the Governors there had been performing. They also presented a vice presidential candidate from the South West with a record of integrity. With these, the people of the South West felt connected to the equation and they also know the antecedents of the partys candidates and that gave Genral Buhari the votes of the South Westerners.
From the North alone there are three geo political zones. The South West is one and the two others are South South and South East. So the electoral Mathematics is simple. Whoever must win this election must win over about four geo political zones out six. One easy way to go about that seems to be  win all the northern geo political zones and win just one of the others. The talk about winning the north is another thing. But it has been very predictable that the Northerners will most likely agree on one candidate. It does not mean all of them will vote for that candidate but majority will.
With these pictures painted, you can see that the General and his team did not just sit down and hope that he will win this fourth time. They had a really good game plan that was well thought out and carefully strategized by masters in electoral mathematics.
Whats my point? It is not enough for you to say you are waiting and you are trying again and again. While waiting for something to happen, you must keep strategizing and constantly improving the strategy until it works.
I think this is what the general has done and we can now talk about his doggedness.
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