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It’s very easy to see a lot of people jumping out of bed to run after one thing or the other and they stay awake for several hours trying to do so much but at the end of the day it still seems like nothing has been done! On the following day they jump out of bed again as early as possible and return very late after dispensing all the energy they could possibly release and all that’s left in them is just to take them to their beds! Sometimes if our beds could talk they would ask if they were carrying dead people or people who were resting because they could tell that one is heavier!
What is the purpose of all your efforts on daily basis and what are you trying to get out of life? At the end of all the struggling when you will not have any energy left in you to run around the way you do at the moment, what will be that thing you will look up to and say thank God I achieved it? I am sure some people think it’s about having a house and getting all the cars they desire and also having some grand children before they retire at old age but they soon get all of that and they realize there’s more to life than all the physical things they spent their energy trying to get!
I think a lot of people try to work so hard for the physical things just to quench the thirst for fulfillment within them only to see that fulfillment is such a strong thirst that can never be quenched by the acquisition of material things! When you don’t set out from the beginning by spelling the details of what you want from life then you will end up chasing so many others things that will never take you to where you intend to be!
You can continue to get all the nice vacations and sleep in some of the best hotels around the world while sending your children to very good schools but you will always remember that you wanted something much more than all these physical things you already have just by hard work!
Let me remind you that God put something in the deepest part of every man’s heart that truly makes him yearn for more than material things. He created and released us for a purpose and at the base of our hearts is the purpose that he put there! That’s one of the major reasons we can achieve so much and still not feel good because we think there’s more we can do apart from all that we have done at the moment!
You need to sit and ask question about what you really want out of life and such questions must be answered in life with the deepest desires in our hearts as deposited by God! Once we fail to answer such questions and we continue to go about our daily lives, we will be able to do so much but still continue to look for fulfillment in our lives! That’s one of the reasons some people think they do not have enough time in a day to do all that they want to do while they may be chasing the wrong things! Life is too short to waste it trying your hands on so many things just to find your fulfillment! Look for what brings you fulfillment first and run with that strong innate desire! With that, you can achieve more than you conceived!
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If you lose any of your abilities, do not lose the ability to believe in yourself again – Fola Daniel Adelesi

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