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There must be a reason for which every living being gets out of bed on daily basis. I live in an area where people’s offices are far from their homes and they will still be in traffic for another three hours or even more. Such people always wake up early so they sometimes leave their houses around 4am just to get to work in good time. Some even leave earlier than 4am and may not return until around 11, 12, 1am or even later. This is the daily routine for so many people around me and it’s not even because they early a big fat pay as we say. Why then do they get out of bed so early and return to it so late with little or nothing to show for it?
I really want to ask you and I am waiting for your feedback to know what gets you out of bed so early. Do you get out of your bed just to go to work and make a living? Is it what you do because that’s what others are doing? Have you at any time stopped to think about why you get out of bed on daily basis?
Some people are just passing the days as they come. They can’t give you any reason for getting out of bed daily. They live each days as it comes with its problems and challenges. Before they say jack, one year is gone and it’s another birthday for them. By the time you blink twice you realize you are now old and probably even too old to start some things that can change the course of your life.
What are some of the reasons I have seen that get people out of their beds? They are:
1. Passion – The one who gets out of bed because of passion does it because there is something he or she is passionate about. That’s what they always want to do. They love it and live for it. They are also willing to go through whatever stress is attached to the task just because of the passion.
2. Purpose – A person might be passionate about something that may not necessarily be his or her purpose. But when something is your purpose, there is no way you will not be passionate about it. I am also aware of those waking up on daily basis trying to fulfil purpose or already fulfilling purpose.
3. Money – Some people simply wake up to make a living. The only reason they get out of bed early is to make a living. Outside of making a living, nothing can get them out of bed so early. Wherever they go, it’s about the money. Whatever they do, it’s about the money. Whatever they say, it’s about the money.
4. Life – Sometimes as early as 6am if I have to go out that early, I see people on the streets already drinking and smoking. Some others just sit outside bare chested and looking at everything happening around them. That kind of life never ceases to amaze me and all I can say is that such people simply wake up because they have life in them. They just wake up everyday and watch things happen. When they are tired and hungry, they can beg, steal or borrow. They are also some of the people who can start trouble just to make a living or extort other people for their desired comfort.
5. Other people’s dreams – There are those who also wake up daily and early enough to run after other people’s dreams. It’s possible they are running after other people’s dreams for the money or just for lack of direction. A few others leave their own dreams unattended to help others pursue their dreams and make it a reality.
There could be other reasons people wake up on daily basis but you must have a reason you wake up daily and get out of bed. So ask yourself again and be sure to get the right answer. Your answer will be right when it aligns with both your passion and your purpose. If you have not discovered purpose then you need to start that journey now.
Why do you get out of bed early? Answer the question now before it’s too late to change anything that should be changed.

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