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It may be that you have been going through some really hard times and you don’t understand what is happening. You want God to speak but you have not heard anything. You have met with all the people who can possibly give you a good counsel but nothing has happened. You expect things to get better but they seem to get harder.
You have been in a situation where thoughts of suicide are constantly running through your mind. You can commit suicide because you know it is a sin. Yet you don’t know what to do. Or maybe you have felt like me at some point. You are intelligent and everyone around you can see that you are truly smart. They see what you are doing and some of them want to be like you but they don’t know that you don’t have your desired results yet.
If you are a Christian then I can safely assume that you would have been praying for years. There is hardly anything that you have not prayed about. Sometimes you even pray and laugh at yourself for the things you have prayed about. You have also forgotten about some of those things that you have prayed about.
As you expect things to change for you, the only thing you have seen so far us increased pressure on every side. As you are escaping from one you are getting into another. Just as you though it is over and you need some rest then another one shows up. So it’s been from one struggle to the other.
‘Does God love me?’ You may be asking. ‘Have I committed any sin?’ That’s another question on so many people’s minds. Some people even go as far as questioning the existence of God. You can’t question the existence of God just because of your challenges. Your challenges are too small to threaten the position, power and existence of God.
‘So why this happening to me and what is God saying in all of these situations?’ I don’t know who you are and where you are or what you are going through. I have no idea how desperate you are to hear from God or how you want him to do something for you. I may not know about your embarrassing situations or your life threatening diseases but I know that everything you said to God did not fall on deaf ears.
God heard it all. ‘So why is he not talking back or what is he saying?’ If that is your question then I’ve got good news for you. God spoke and he gave an answer to all your worries and troubles. His answer is in the book of Isaiah chapter 3 verse 10. It says:  
‘Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, For they shall eat the fruit of their doings.’
Now that’s it! God says it shall be well with you despite your illness, frustrations, hard work with no results, joblessness, pressure from family and business or any other thing that’s on your mind. When God says it, it is settled. It is signed, sealed and delivered.
He’s not hoping it will happen or may be it can happen. He is simply telling you what will happen that no man can change. Nobody’s change of mind can change what God said to you or said about you. You can plan to fly but a bad weather can stop you from doing so. You can promise someone money but business can go bad. When God decides to do something, it is already done just as he is saying it. His words are his actions. This is backed up by what happened in the first chapter of Genesis. God simply spoke and things happened. Things showed up and began to exist. So when God speaks to you today, just as he did in the beginning, things will happen, show up and exist. Remember he’s the one who calls forth those things that be not as though they were.
God says it is well with you and you will eat the fruit of your doings. So don’t think you are working in vain. Don’t think that all you are doing has no result. People may remind you how long you have been working without pay or working with little to show. Remember God says you will eat the fruit of your doings.
However, that word from God is only to the righteous. So the question is ‘are you righteous?’ By that I don’t mean doing things right in your own ability. I am asking if you have taken the righteousness of Jesus. Doing that is simple. You only need to confess that He is your Lord and your Saviour. Once you have done that then I can also say to you that it is well with you and that you will eat the fruit of your doing.   
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