What happens when you give excuses for corrections | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you listen carefully to people after being corrected regarding a mistake, you will realize that it’s very easy for people to DEFEND what they have done. Sometimes before you finish correcting them, they already have an excuse to put. The problem is not the excuse but what that attitude does to the people who make excuses for their mistakes rather than taking corrections.
I was once in that position and I think many of us may have been there at one point or the other. When we make mistakes and are being corrected, we don’t want to appear incompetent so we quickly come up with reasons for doing what we did.
You may not like it but whatever excuse you come up with doesn’t make what you have done the right thing. It is important to note that sometimes, it is because we don’t want our ego deflated that we put up excuses for the wrong things we have done.
There is even a common saying that you don’t correct a designer while he or she is still in the process of making a dress. So when you correct some people, they quickly give you the impression that they are still working.
This attitude can be displayed at work, at home or in some other places. First you have to admit there is no one who is beyond making mistakes. Things can go wrong even when you mean well. You can accidentally do things. You may want to do one thing and something else can happen.
At other times you may have done certain things unintentionally. When that happens, there is no reason for you to put up excuses. Once you are corrected, please take the correction and even appreciate the person who corrected you. Whoever is correcting you may not sound like someone that loves you but that person is doing you a huge favour.
When corrected, and you take the correction, you become a better person. It is an important process in personal development and people relations. It is important for personal development because every correction improves you. It is also important in people relation because the people who notice that you take corrections become endeared to you. They will want to work with you more often and not hesitate to tell you things that will help you. When you refuse corrections and always defend your mistakes, there will always be frictions between you and those trying to correct you. You will have issues very often and fight or argue over very insignificant things.
You don’t lose anything by being corrected. But you lose so much when corrected and you immediately give an excuse. Immediately you give that excuse, you have lost an opportunity to be corrected again in the future. You may have also lost a valuable relationship and you have added more power to your ego. When your ego will be finally deflated, it will most likely be in a place that you don’t like and in a manner that you don’t want.
There are a few people around that will only improve if they take corrections but they don’t. If you want to become a better person you must also stop giving excuses for the mistakes you are making. It may be hard. Some people will not sound nice with their corrections. It may look like they deliberately want to bring you down. When you consider that, you will not listen to people trying to correct you and will not develop yourself.
The purpose of correction is improvement, regardless of how it comes. Take it for your own good and stop making excuses when corrected.

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