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What you are going to read here now is a reflection of conversations with some people and I am guessing that you probably have had the same conversation with other people. There are times you want to start something and you really need encouragement from people but instead of getting the encouragement, you get discouragement.
If it was just about trying to discourage you, it’s possible you will shut them out of your life and not listen to them anymore. The unfortunate part is that they bring up issues and examples that resonate so well that even when they are gone, you are still thinking about it.
You may be thinking about starting a business and someone around you just comes up to talk about how many other people started businesses and it never worked. Others may come to talk about how the community has always been hostile to business people. There is hardly anything you mention that they do not have something else to say about it.
I really don’t have a problem with people counselling you or giving you advice regarding what you intend to do but there are people who simply wake up to talk about what has never worked before. They know all the negative examples. Talk about financial services, they know about the businesses that collapsed. Talk about ICT, they know about those whose equipment were stolen or damaged. Talk about politics, they are quick to tell you about those who have been killed in politics.
Why will they always talk about those things that have never worked? Are there no other things that have worked and are still working? Can you think more about what is working for you rather than what is working against you?
Most of us can see that some people around us are negative but we simply accept them for that and we don’t ask them to stay away from us. We don’t leave them or keep any distance. You need to remember that so long as some negative people are around you, the only thing they have to say to you will be what has never worked before. Sometimes you will even want to take some major steps in life and the only thing they will say to you is how someone else with a bright future died.
The longer they stay around the more damage they will do to your mind and soul. They would have sown seeds into your mind so much so that when they are gone, their words keep coming back to you at the time you need to do something serious.
Apart from chasing them away or you running away from them, you have to develop a conscious habit of thinking and generating many examples of what has worked. I think that for every example of has not worked, there are more than a thousand other examples of what has worked. If someone tells you that politicians get killed and you should not get into politics, think about the many Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Senators, House of Representative members, Chairmen or Mayors that are in politics today and are making impact. For every failed business example that they have, talk to them about Microsoft, Dell, HP, IBM, General Electric, Apple, Glo, Guarantee Trust Bank and many more.
You should note that some of those people are unconsciously negative by default but you must become positive by default if not they will kill every dream that you carry almost immediately after conception. Your dream is too important to allow it die because of the arrows coming from the mouth of some other people. You have to protect it and water it with your own mouth. Talk about what has worked and what is working. Very soon, your own ideas or projects too will join the list of what has worked and is still working.      
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