What is about to happen – Fola Daniel Adelesi

We often look to long on the things we cannot change and at the end of the day lose our power on the things we can change. The consequence of that is having too many things in your hands that you cannot change because your focus did not go quickly enough to the things you can change.
The problem with many of us is not what happened to us but what is about to happen that we are not paying attention to because we are still fixing blames for the things that happened. When you look to long on the things that have happened in your life you will often miss out on the things that are about to happen and I have learnt that when things happen and it looks as if I cannot change it then I need to quickly prepare for what I can change.
I remember being given an opportunity to take a television presentation in a station in Nigeria and at a time I was beginning to feel there would be a change. Where the change was needed I could not tell exactly but I knew there was going to be a change so the first thing I did was to prepare for that change and make sure I make the best out of it when the time comes. Sometime after I had the feeling for the change I began to make enquiries in some other stations about how much they would charge to put me on air but I still did not know that the immediate change which was approaching faster than I taught was not in that direction. I saw a tv commercial in the middle of the preparation for this change and I went for the offers of the commercial. When I had scaled through the first phase of the offer the tv station that had given me an opportunity was beginning to streamline and readjust their programmes so they taught my content – motivation, business and leadership – would no longer fit into what they were preparing for.
The news to me was not unexpected because I did not get too used to that level such that it would be difficult for me to move on. The news was not devastating because I was prepared for a change and when the change came I just took it as something I had seen. I did not even spend too much time looking back before I focused more on the thing which was ahead. I added more passion and faith to what was ahead of me and I eventually got into it. It offers bigger prospects that what I was holding unto and I had much more than I bargained for.
We need to understand that when we refuse to let things go at times we are bound to lose something bigger than what we are holding unto so it is important to prepare for what is about to happen rather than focusing on what has happened. There are people who have lives characterized by disasters but that is so because they lament too much about what has happened and never get to access what is ahead of then.
At whatever time you need to see what is ahead and use the experience of what you seem to be losing or have lost to maximize what is coming. Some of the things you are losing today are things you did not prepare well for so why do you want to lose what is about to come with all of the potentials that it carries. Some people may not want to willingly look into the future and prepare for what is ahead but circumstances will begin to unfold and force them to give up their current position. There are people who will never prepare for what is about to happen until certain things they cannot help happens and they have to move on. Don’t wait for disasters to redesign your life or move into the next phase of your life. When you get new offers and new dreams seem to be coming to pass you have to make sure you do not get too comfortable that you cannot see when it is time to prepare for the next level. Some people are currently breaking at their present levels because they were in a position where everything was rosy and they got so entangled in the celebration of a new position and never sense when their time to move on came and could not sense it.
What is about to happen is sure bigger than what has happened so you have to work at to ensure the steady progress of your life by preparing for new levels before you get there.

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