What it takes to succeed 1 – Fola Daniel Adelesi


Very many people want to succeed and the truth is that these people do not know what it takes to succeed. They are struggling on daily basis to get things done but unfortunately their struggles are even based on the wrong principles. We all know that you need to use a key when you have to enter a house but you will struggle endlessly to enter that house if you are using the wrong keys to the doors. People may pity you when they see your efforts but a few people realize that principles are more important than efforts. For this reason I would want you to look at these few but the kind of ‘not-negligible’ principles that help you to succeed. 



I once heard Sam Adeyemi say, ‘I have discovered an area of life where I function like a computer.’ He simply means that he has found something that he is so passionate about. In some of the places where I have had the opportunity to observe the workers, I realized that these people have a poor work attitude because they are doing something they are not passionate about. If you are a student you must be taking courses that you are passionate about you because you should not just get a formal education. You need to succeed in flying colours. A lot of business people are also struggling with their business because they are doing what somebody told them to do instead of doing what they love doing. If you love to write make sure you are not doing something else. If you love to talk just go about talking. If you love to draw please draw as often as you can draw. Simply do what you love to do provided it is the right thing to do without hurting anyone. 



It pains me to see walking books all around our country. They never get written because we make excuses instead of paying prices. It pains me to see walking speeches all around our country. The kind of speeches that will change our nation. They are never delivered because the people who carry them make excuses instead of paying prices. We have the best of pictures roaming the streets. They have not been drawn because we are making excuses instead of paying prices. We must understand that if things must work out we would have to pay prices. Nature operates by the law of giving and receiving. When you love something so much that you like to do it, you would have to give nature what it demands before you can get what you desire from nature. Environment will place demands on you to give you what you desire. Please go ahead and make necessary sacrifices to get the things that you need in life. The people who ever made it in life are people who have also given something to life.  



I have heard stories upon stories about men who have the potential to succeed and eventually fail often time at the juncture where decisions are about to be changed because of them. I see people who give up when the rules are about to be bent because of them.  I see people who decide to give up when nature’s principles are about to produce and exception simply because somebody has to succeed. Take a look at the bottle. When something that is slightly bigger than the mouth of the bottle it to be removed from it, it will be easy for that object to move from the bottom of the bottle to the neck of the bottle. It becomes tougher at the neck of the bottle because that object is almost out. It gets tougher when you are about to break even. It gets tougher when it is about to be easier but too many people are impatient with the circumstances that are in place to favour them.



When I was a secondary school student it was compulsory for us to know some quotable quotes because you could be called upon at anytime to recite a quote. If you cannot you would be in trouble. One of such quotes is, ‘whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well and must be done with undivided attention.’ Too many people are doing what must be done but they are doing these things anyhow. They have forgotten that what they do so well will become advertisements for them. They do not realize that doing it right now will give them a chance to do another one. Some people do what they do because all they want is the money and there is no consideration for the people who paying that money. Things should not be done like that. Do the things you need to do differently.


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