What it takes to succeed 2 – Fola Daniel Adelesi

What it takes to succeed 2 – Fola Daniel Adelesi
The challenge some people have with understanding when failure begins is exactly why they fail. If you do not want to fail in life you should have an idea of where failure begins and how it begins. My task for now is to help you see something that so many people overlook despite their intentions to succeed. You must begin to reset your memory by now so that you can accept the fact that the intention to succeed is not as important as the action toward success. You may have the intention to succeed and may not be doing what it takes to succeed. It is for this reason that some people will ask you to say what you mean and mean what you say. Here are some of the things to help you say what you mean and to mean what you say:
Definite Vision
Martin Luther King, Jr. did not just say that he had a dream. That dream was definite. It was a dream that one day his four little children will no longer be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. It was a dream that segregation will no longer be heard of in their community. We must all understand that people begin to fail when they only wish for something. A proof that many of us are simply wishing is in the fact that we say we will get to a position one day but we do not have plans to get there. There is no definite strategy to get there and there is nothing we are doing in line with what we want to become. How can you say you have dream to become a great man and you do not know what exactly you will do to be great. Wishing to be great is mere fantasy when you have no definite vision of what will make you great and what you will do to achieve that greatness. If you want to succeed you must be definite about the kind of success. Be definite about what you want to succeed in. be definite about when you want to succeed. Others may not see how you will succeed but the truth is that you do not need their permission to succeed. The person whose permission you need to succeed is you. When you have given yourself that permission, make a definite plan.
Definite Direction
We all celebrate Nelson Mandela but only a few people realize that Mandela became a celebrity because of his conviction and the direction he had in front of him. He could have compromised but he did not compromise. When you have the dream to become a voice to be heard in your generation you must have a plan of the way to go about it. You are not an ordinary man so you should not do things like ordinary men. Great men have direction so you must have a direction. Direction means a sight in view. The place you are going. Don’t wake up doing everything everybody does because everything does not lead to that place that you are going. Only some specific things can be done to get there. Never forget that you will not get anywhere when you set out in life without a direction. Many of us are comfortable in places that should be the least position we can occupy simply because we do not have a direction. When we have a direction in life we will know what to do per time. It will help us to understand that we should not imitate others simply because they are going to a different place. What would you call a man who decides to dress like his friend who was going to the gym when he was actually going to a party? Definite direction is necessary for the wishes of our hearts.
Definite achievements
Some of us told our mothers and fathers when we were young that we would buy them airplanes. When we grew further we also said we were going to build houses for them. We promised them a lot of things and we said them over and over again but now we have no definite achievements in mind. Your heart desires have no power of their own to become a reality. You must make them happen but you need to have something definite in mind before it becomes easier to achieve. An example is that of a young man who said that he would become the Senior Prefect of his school. He became the senior prefect of that school 5 years later because of definite achievement in mind. Make a list of definite achievements you want because these things will drive you to achieve.
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