‘What kind of business should I do?’ – Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the most difficult questions I have had to answer many times is, ‘what kind of business can I do?’ These people have a sincere question but if the truth must be told it is the wrong question.
I honestly think that people cannot think about a business to do and succeed at it if they have not found out what to do with themselves as individuals. You can only say this is my business because it is what you like to do and want to do with or without the monetary remuneration involved. It can be your business and I can agree that you will excel at it if you are willing to hang on in there even when you have done every right thing for the business to succeed and nothing positive seems to be coming.
If you want to know what the right business is then I strongly recommend that you first discover who you are as an individual and what you seen naturally wired to do. The things you can easily succeed at if they were your businesses are the things that you do with all the energy inside you even when every other person around seems to question your interest and they do not understand why you will be so positive without any concrete result to look forward to!
When people hear me teach about entrepreneurship and business development the next question I can be sure to get in the interactive session is, ‘so what business do you suggest I do.’ As much as I do not want to be nasty I must confess that this question comes from people who do not even know themselves. I discovered who I am and what I am supposed to be doing. I found out what I really want and not what somebody else thinks is lucrative. I began to develop myself first to be a productive person and a relevant person in the society.
One thing that helped in which I have now converted into business was that I found a major skill in my life and my purpose in life became clear. When my purpose became clear I began to see what I could do as a business and still fulfill purpose. I found out that I could talk a lot and I was so passionate about getting some information across to people. when I started developing my speaking skills I realized the need to start writing what I have been talking about so that the people who could not make it to the meeting could get some of the things I said on paper. Initially my writing skill was developed because I had no stable speaking platform so I thought about a way to still say what I wanted to say even if they would not give me the microphone in the meeting. At some point I successfully said what I wanted to say through the papers written and the writing became consistent. Having built the abilities inside me it was not difficult to decide what business to do when I thought about doing business.
I simply took my gifts or talents and placed it in front of me. I thought about all the business that people with my talents were doing and that gave me an idea of what to do. That was how I got into professional speaking, compere services, writing books, publishing and management training was added to it because of my passion for excellence. This was easy for me to decide because I first found a skill rather than looking out for where to make money.
For some others it may not work just the way it has worked for me because I had a physical skill that was backed up by passion and I could convert it into services as a business. You may have seen one or two things that you like or you may have seen one or two things that seem mysterious to you. I remember the story of a young man who decided to study medicine because his father constantly had a pain and he wanted to find out why his father had that pain so that he could help his father.
There are people who also go into some kinds of businesses not because it is really their passion but they have discovered that it is a need and they cannot afford to always wait for someone else to come and meet the need.
For some others it may not be a need that they have stumbled on. It could be a mistake they made while playing around with several materials. You will be surprised by how many inventions we have all over the world today not because of ingenuity but because of mistakes.
While some are jumping up and down about what kind of businesses they should do or how they should work on their skills to give it a commercial value there are some who simply go in the direction of their role model. While this can be dangerous it is still proven to have worked for a few. The danger in it is that some end up just copying what someone else is doing without knowing what the person’s intentions were before he started what he was doing. The influence of the role model could be a positive one if the person who is replicating what someone has already done has a close rapport with the person whose works or strategy he seems to be replicating. At that level he will have an understanding of what the person is doing instead of just trying to do what the other person is doing without knowing why.
In plain words, apart from what I have said above, the kind of businesses you can do will be determined by:
1.) The gifts or talents that you have discovered in you.
2.) The abilities or skills that you have acquired through training or cultivation
3.) The dire or urgent need in your environment.
4.) A mistake that you made which turned out to be what someone needs.
5.) The influence of a strong role model in your life.
Whatever the case is just make sure what you want to do or what you are doing is what you really like to do.
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