What kinds of school to go – Fola Daniel Adelesi

In my opinion I think we really need to understand the differences between the school that we go to so that we can be enlighten and the school that we go to so that we can understand business and the other kinds of school that we should also go to. Many of us go strictly to the school that I suppose should be the least in the cadre of schools that we ought to go to.
For any man to be referred to as a man who is thoroughly educated I do sincerely recommend that such a man must been to the school of enlightenment – our conventional schools, the school of business, the school of leadership and the school of the spirit. If you ask me why this should be so I have a simple answer for you to go and mediate on till you understand what I am talking about. The school on enlightenment only opens you up to the importance of holding your head high in the society and communicate in a place where the educated people are speaking. It gives you a job that helps you make a living and often sends you in to a routine life because you hear a lot about what has to be done and the way it should be done. Many of us never graduate into the three other kinds of school especially because of mediocrity.
I have met a number of people who think there is no need for them to go to a business training and they tell you they are not business inclined but they still want to make money at the end of the month. They are not business inclined but they want someone else to be so that they can get a job to do and be paid at the end of the month. The excuse of some other people is one question that has its roots in mediocrity and they will ask you if everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur. The people who will go far in life often do not look at themselves and say this is information I do not need. They understand that this information can be required at any time and at any level.
Some of the people who manage to go for leadership also forget or sometimes neglect leadership because they think they do not need it. They will tell you again that they are ot leadership inclined. When you truly understand the nature of business then you will know that there is a level of business you can do without much requirement of leadership. Businesses rise to a level where they no longer thrive solely on the business expertise of the employees in the company. At that point in time the company owners would begin to look out for leadership in the people that are working with them and those who have the leadership qualities required will go further. Where there is no leadership the business expertise will have nothing to fall on and there will be problems for the business. A nation falls and rises on leadership. Everything falls and rises on leadership. There are so many people who have the potentials of becoming great leaders but they never go beyond being potential leaders or at most occupying a position because they do not pursue leadership.
The last school is the school of the spirit and it is at this point that you can say a man is completely educated. If you have been to the school of enlightenment, business and leadership but you have not gotten a taste of the school of the spirit then your education is not complete. This takes you beyond information, assumptions, opinions and loads you with revelation. The world cannot understand it so they sometimes despise it. Does it really matter if they accept it or not? What matters is that you have and understanding of how it stands you out from those who have information and are loaded with facts and figures. There is a level where facts and figures will fail and the only things that will not fail is what the teacher is saying in the school of the spirit.

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