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Sometimes when you get up to do what you have to do then you will be faced with a challenge about of what looks right or what feels right but in the middle of this, you will know that the society expects you to do what looks right while you know inside of you that something else feels right!
We may all find it easy to follow what the society says we should do because we like to fit in somewhere in the social class but just as we seem to be fitting in gradually, we then realize that the society has more expectations from us. If we let this continue, we will be acting a script written for us by the society while the real scripts of our lives detailing the real ‘us’ and describing characters we do not have to struggle to fit into are left unattended to.
Sometimes I look at people and I feel like walking up to them to ask, ‘how long are you going to act a script given to you by the society? Don’t see that you are struggling to fit into that script and the one you easily fit into is following you about and begging for attention? I know it is hard for us to really follow what feels right in our hearts because it may mean having to go in the unpopular paths and it could as well mean deny ourselves some pleasure that everyone seems to be having but we still have to be tough enough to do what feels right!
When we go in the popular way and do what looks right, it will just be right for a while and it might only be right when we have all the resources and the energy that we can channel properly. Before we know it, what looks right will turn out to be what is actually wrong and at that time we would have spent all the resources and all the energy that would be needed to start anything afresh. One of the things I really want to spend my life doing is to make sure that young people do not spend their entire life trying very hard to do what looks right only to sit in their old age regretting what they could have spent their youthful years doing because there was something else that feels right.
Most people will like to go in the popular direction because it can bring immediate rewards but what you truly feel like doing on the inside may not have any promising rewards at that time. It may look right to wait till you have some money before you get married but you may feel right about getting married even when the money is not there. It may look right to continue on a job till you have spent more than 25 years so that you can be given long service awards or so that you can be given a huge gratuity but what feels right on the inside of you might just be to pull out and follow that idea inside you.
In my observation, people want to do what looks right because they are afraid of something. They are afraid of uncertainty in the future and in their finances. They have a social status that they cannot give up and they are afraid of losing that as well. Why do you think people know they will do well at something else but they will not go after that thing? Their focus is on what can possibly go wrong instead of what can possibly go right and the more they focus on what can possibly go wrong they keep seeing why they should not do what they really feel like doing.
I’d like to deliberately leave this in an inconclusive state so that you have something to think about. So I should ask you, ‘do you do what you do because it looks right and acceptable to the society or because you feel right about it and you are convinced about succeeding at it?
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