What makes a Christmas merry? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

For several years I have heard many people say Merry Christmas and a happy new year but over the years people talk about a merry Christmas from the angle of having fun and enjoying the season. The one question that then comes to my mind is if Christmas was supposed to be a period of merry making or a period of reflection!
We seem to have forgotten that Christmas is about Christ and that there is not Christmas without Christ! If that stands to be true then we cannot be celebrating Christmas or even be talking about a MERRY Christmas without talking about the purpose of Christ whom we are supposed to be celebrating!
Christians and every other person who seems to relate with Christmas in one way or the other must recognize the fact that Christmas was also about a battle that was fought and won! First, the devil heard that Jesus was going to be born then he used one of his agents to order the killing of all babies under the age of two! The next was that the devil knew Jesus had to die to fulfil his purpose then he wanted to use Peter to forbid Jesus from dying. After a while he seemed to have forgotten that Jesus really needed to die so he pushed the crowd in those days to ask for Jesus as a criminal and not the real criminal that was supposed to be killed. After he died, it appeared Jesus lost but his victory was in that very event that looked like His loss! When it was time to rise the devil did not want Him to rise so he put soldiers at the burial site but Jesus defied all of that!
The last battle today is what we are still fighting and that to an extent no longer depends on Jesus because he has fought and won his! Now that Jesus has died and risen for us to be able to enjoy his righteousness, the devil is trying very hard for so many people to forget the purpose of Christmas! Some people just think it’s a normal holiday season! That’s why some people just call it a holiday period! Some people have tried so hard to remove ‘Christ’ from the ‘Mas’ by calling it ‘xmas!’ When you even look around today, it seems as if the devil is making a head way with his plan to make Christmas look like just a festive period rather than a period of reflection on if we truly have a relationship with Jesus or not!
Always remember that Christmas is not about the chickens that lay down their lives every year! Christmas is about the Lord Jesus who laid down his life so that you and I can continue to live without any accusation standing in our way because of the transferred righteousness!
The only thing that makes a Christmas Merry is that those who really want it to be merry have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus to die on a tree for their sake. If you have no relationship with Jesus, there is nothing merry about this Christmas! Come to Jesus today, accept His sacrifice to die for you so that you can have access to his father directly and then you Christmas can be merry! To those who already have a real relationship with Jesus, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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  1. inspiring. i have for years not looked forward to christmas cause i felt there was nothing worth celebrating. targets not met, usual meeting people one hasnt seen all year, travelling coming home, family reunions and attending barbeques and all. Reading this piece left me feeling guilty for not appreciating the significance of this day and what it means for us christians. for me, it brought to light the gratefulness of my salvation, starting from His birth and not just celebrating His death and resurrection at easther. thank you Fola and compliments of the season to you.

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