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Thousands of people all over the world are truly praying but it does not seem as if the prayers are being answered and some are already frustrated because of this same reason but I am beginning to wonder if people ever asked themselves, what next after prayer?
One of the biggest mistakes I think that a lot young, wonderful, consistently praying and sincere Christians are making today is that we have begun to leave too many things to prayer. We pray and we think that all we just need to do is to pray so we wait for some miracles after praying because we believe that the prayer we have been involved in can fix everything.
Maybe for the first time I have to shock some of you who are now reading and let you know that, interesting, prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a Christian but prayer is just a link in the chain of tools that fixes things for the sons and daughters of God. Since prayer is a link in the chain, that tells you that you will not be able to use the chain successfully if you are trying to use prayer alone. What are the things that we should open our minds to and do either during or after the prayer?
Here’s what you should know first:
1.Prayer can take your focus away from worrying about the situation and presenting it to a higher authority God if you have done it with your heart and you have cast all your cares on Jesus as requested by Jesus himself.
2. Prayer tunes you into the thought line of heaven.
3.When in the thought line of heaven, you will gain more insights, wisdom and understanding
4.Prayer can give you peace about a situation, knowing that God is now officially involved.
5.You need to have writing materials in the place of prayer because if you are truly communicating God will talk back to you and like Habakkuk, you have to write down the vision and make it plain. Apart from Habakkuk, Daniel, Moses and Paul did the same thing. We even have some scriptural insights today because of the notes they took from their places of prayer.
After the prayer:
1.From the third statement under what you should know first you will see insights, wisdom and understanding. After prayer you MUST take up the insights, wisdom and understanding to ACT on them.
2.When you ACT upon what you get from the place of prayer then the grace from the place of prayer will come upon the action.
3.You have to keep working on whatever you have written from the place of prayer because some are for the time that is yet to come. Some are supposed to guide you through a situation in life and the others are things you will always make references to for the rest of your life.
Let me say that worship needs to precede payer and ACTION must succeed or come after the prayer. As a matter of fact, the action you take after the prayer is proof that you believe in the prayer you have just said.
There are too many frustrated payer warriors because we get too serious to even hear what the person we are talking to is asking us to do. As a result of that, many of the people praying today are not conversing with God. They are just protesters demanding their needs be met! Remember, your proof of communication with God in prayer is the action after the prayer because HE will always TELL you WHAT TO DO!
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