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Wherever you go in life and in whatever group or community you find yourself, you will always realize that there is something that no one is willing to do. They may have tried and probably gotten a different result. Things may have turned out bad the first time and that may demoralize them so much so that no one is willing to try anymore. That notwithstanding, I have come to see that one of the things that make people great is that which no one is willing to do.
Is there something around you that no one is willing to do? Have you thought about why they are not willing to do it? What excuses are they making for not willing to do it? When you get deep into these things that no one is willing to do then you just might be presenting yourself some opportunities that others are running away from.
In the business world, there are certain risks that so many people are not willing to take. So long as so many people are not willing to take such risks, it leaves opportunities for some others people to grab. It may look so hard. It may look capital intensive. It may look like something no other person has succeeded in. I don’t think that is enough reason for you to decide that you will not do it as well.
There is no innovation that we enjoy today which was not tagged ‘impossible’ some years back. Today they are not only possible, we live with them daily and they make our works easier. Why have they become possible? Someone or some people decided to try what no one else is willing to do. I even heard that there was a time when someone said there is nothing new that can be invented. He claimed that everything that needs to be invented had already been invented. I wish that person is alive today so see what’s coming out daily and think about them in line with that statement he made.
You can still stand out. You can still become great. You can get to places that no one ever imagined you will get to in life. All of these can become a reality if only you are willing to do what no one is willing to do in order to get what you have to get.
What is the difference between the people who became great entrepreneurs and those who remained as employees and became pensioners even though they also could have become great business owners? The ones who became great entrepreneurs took the risk that no one was willing to take at a time when the big thing was to get a good job and climb to the top of the ladder.
Some people get into something for a while and rush out to say it does not work. Where no one is willing to persevere, you can make it big in the same place if only you are willing to persevere. Where no one is willing to invest, you can still make it big if you are willing to invest and you do your homework properly to understand the terrain.
There are times when it appears as though no one wants to get involved in something. By the time they now see that the first person who got in has made it big they will all want to get in there. Think twice. Don’t always wait for what everyone has already gone into. If what you do is what everyone has already gone into then you reduce your chances of making some great gains. In fact, you just might be struggling with those you are not supposed to struggle with at all.
Are you planning to make it big or to stand out in life? Just look around you and think about what no one has been willing to do until now. Years ago, people only built houses for themselves. Later someone thought it was a great thing to build house for his family and also have an apartment that can be rented out to others. Now most people build houses and make provisions from the beginning for apartments that will be rented.
Someone did what no one was willing to do and that’s why we now have airplanes. Someone took the initiative and the risk that so many others were not willing to take and that is why we now have the laptop computers. I also believe that the initiative taken back then to dream that there will be a computer in every home by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is what has prompted the invention of tablets today.
It might not be so hard to make it in life just as so many people think. It may also not take as long as you envisaged it will take. All you have to do is to think and do what no one seems to be willing to do. Are you willing to do what no one is willing to do?

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